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Polish Restaurants Offer Cheap, Hardy Fare

By cityfeller, published on Nov 2, 2008

November 11 is Polish Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a hardy meal at one of Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s remarkably inexpensive Polish restaurants. In keeping with Greenpoint’s working-class character, these sparsely appointed, family-run establishments offer huge portions for $5 to $8. Dishes typically revolve around a piece of veal, pork, beef, chicken, or fish and include a starch like mashed potatoes or kasha (buckwheat), and assorted side salads.

The Happy End Polish Cuisine This 20 year-old restaurant features countertop dining and little... (more)

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Prop 11 A Boon To Independent Voters

By cityfeller, published on Nov 1, 2008

Non-partisan independents in California should vote Yes on Proposition 11, the redistricting initiative sponsored by The League of Women Voters. It will not only help overcome legislative gridlock, it will give independent voters greater political influence.

In a nutshell, the initiative puts control of the process of redrawing statewide legislative districts every ten years in the hands of an independent, 14-member panel consisting of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four independents or minor-party voters.

The California legislature has long controlled redistricting by... (more)

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Long Live The Pickup Artist

By cityfeller, published on Jul 18, 2008

I am dating myself to say this, but I remember the sexual revolution. It was great and I miss it dearly. But open relationships, non-monogamy, swinging, and one-night stands are now little more than fond memories for those of us who lived through the wild 70’s.

For my generation, sexual liberation was a given part of the cultural and political zeitgeist. Today, sex is under wraps like no time since Ozzie and Harriet. Attitudes have changed (for the worse, if you ask me), but the sexual needs of men remain the same as ever.

What’s a horny young male to do? Enter the pickup artist... (more)

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No Regrets: Memoirs Of A Punk

By cityfeller, published on Jan 10, 2008

I was a 70's punk rocker.

Now, in middle-age, I look back and wonder - Who was that skinny kid? The one in the photo taken in girlfriend Tessa's bedroom, where she dressed him up in a skinny tie and tight-pegged pants tapering to a pair of high-heeled Beatle boots, christening him "the hottest trick in Noe Valley."

Was he: An aspiring writer and journalist? A wayward, college-educated youth in search of himself? A promiscuous lothario prowling the corners of the punk underground in search of casual sex, so easy to come by in the free-wheeling San Francisco of the 70’s? All of... (more)


The Way Of The Farter

By cityfeller, published on Jan 8, 2008

“You were raised in a barn,” Claudio, my college roommate, said, slamming the door to his bedroom for protection. Then, opening the door a tiny crack, he bellowed, “You’re an animal.”

I lay helpless with laughter. I had filled the living room of our apartment with invisible deadly gas. Claudio didn’t know till it was too late. That’s what’s so great about farts if they’re done right - resistance is futile. I knew how to do them right.

Some have asked whether farters are born or made. In my case it was a mysterious phenomenon,... (more)

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The Amorist

By cityfeller, published on Jan 7, 2008

My teeth were chattering from the icy cold, yet greeting me on this frigid December eve was a 58 year-old Jewish man, richly tanned, wearing a tie-died t-shirt with a large peace symbol on the front. He seemed to have recently returned from a Grateful Dead concert in the Bahamas. David - pronounced dah-veed - had a room for rent in his apartment in midtown Manhattan. I was there to check it out.

We shook hands and I entered his apartment. He immediately announced: “Excuse me while I kiss a girl,” then bounded off to an adjacent room. The object of his affections seemed to be a 20-something... (more)


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