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California's Legal Secret Marriage Racket

By Cindy, published on Jan 11, 2008

In the book Counterfeiting Exposed, by David M. Hopkins, is the assertion that “it is now possible to fake everything.” Everything such as digitally altered photos, orgasms, lip-synching, love, vintage wines, famous paintings, marriage, designer jeans, DVDs, gender, genetically altered plant life, persona, and qualifications.

The State of California allows the use of a Confidential Marriage. This type of marriage is the common and favorite counterfeit marriage ploy for bigamists as California State Family Code Part 4, Section 500 allows for the minimum of fuss and no publicity.

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Now you call it madness (but I call it love)

By Cindy, published on Jun 25, 2007

I can’t forget the night I met you, That’s all I’m dreaming of. Now you call it madness, But I call it love. —Nat King Cole, “You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)” Bigamy, Forgery, Fraud - College of Marin Band Director Implicated In Reno Divorce The film Crazy Love is out and it’s about the infamous New Yorkers, Burt and Linda Pugach just in bizarre time for the hyped reconciliation of Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fischer. Marin, not to be out done has James and Morgan Olson. Recent court papers (Reno District Court DV07-00352, Marin CV 070655, FL6764, FL7442) provide glimpses... (more)

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