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Summer's end

By Cielo, published on Oct 13, 2011

Summer wanes…

Summer dwindles away...

Summer sings a final hymn and paints the sky with brilliant flair...

Summer is a hopping rabbit getting ready for winter

And a wee baby turtle dreaming on the last magical leaf

Indian summer of the shadowy fields, lyric nights and enchanted gardens full of singing…

I am ready. My heart embraces the hope of autumn. I walk on the garden and wait for the falling leaf.

October's enchantment swirls around me…

Like a grasshopper’s horn I hear it;

High in the maples its voices ring.

I... (more)

Tags: fall, autumn, garden, flowers, enchantment

The woman in the red suit

By Cielo, published on Oct 9, 2011

There was a time in my Christian life when understanding what David meant by “hidden error” was crucial to me. How is it possible to violate God’s law if we don’t realize we are sinning? Are we still guilty of sin? Do we still need forgiveness?

The “hidden errors or sins” mentioned in Psalm 19:12 refer to unintended sins, sins we commit without realizing we are committing them. They can be actions that we ought to execute or put in practice but somehow we neglect to carry out or accomplish, such as a father’s negligence to correct a child who requires correction. It could also mean apathy... (more)


The Enchantment of All Creatures

By Cielo, published on Oct 8, 2011

Each day ends at dusk. Dusk is fleeting and beautiful and different each day. But if we don't pay attention we will miss it; miss the whole enchantment of it. And I just don’t want to miss it... Not a bit of it! Not ever!

Things happen here in the garden at that time of day you know... I mean magical things; things rather undetected or invisible during any other time of the day. I could stay lost in this moment forever...

Fancy shoes, petticoats, long skirts and blouses with puffy sleeves—nothing can stop me from the blissful contact with Nature at dusk, not even mud... So every... (more)

Tags: fantasy, mystery, garden, imagination, creatures, enchantment, dusk, evening

Bidding my last farewell to the month of June

By Cielo, published on Jul 19, 2018

We are surrounded—delimited by zillions of diminutive bodies-creatures of the atmosphere… invading the atmosphere; tailoring the air in intricate winged designs… minuscule bodies meandering the melody of the early evening air… zigzagging invisible paths.

And there are those tingle of spider webs made out of gold and thin air too. Spider web that seem to twinkle and dance from the rooftops down to the garden’s floor when agitated by light...

It’s the enchantment of the summer evenings in the garden. And I am here—clinging to the magic of the moment; racing against time; racing... (more)

Tags: summer, garden, flowers, june

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