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The hour before dawn

By Cielo, published on Jan 11, 2012

I see the moon from my office window—every morning I see it; sheltered by the tower of the old English Gothic style cathedral across my office. I see it first thing when I come in and when I sit down at my desk and turn my head towards the gloominess outside. I see it spreading out shadows—scurried ghosts of the early morning, as it shines down faintly illuminating the earth.

I see the moon silently watching me from where she stands; mysterious and enchanting, and sometimes I’m sure I can also hear it whispering secrets—perhaps the whispers lovers everywhere hear?—furtive... (more)


Post-Christmas loneliness

By Cielo, published on Dec 30, 2011

Seasons interwoven; the end of one, the beginning of another… and I am feeling a deep desire to be like numinous leaves, blown to that Primitive Garden—a place outside this place. The land of all beginnings.

As I walk the lonesome garden, its landscape becomes my soul; its wintry topography the country of my heart; bared and longing for the bountifulness of seeds and blooms. I am memorizing and treasuring precious memories; of gatherings at the old homestead these past few weeks; treasuring within my heart this yearning—this mystical longing as I see my children and the children of my... (more)

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By Cielo, published on Dec 6, 2011

Sometimes, my spirit yearns for freedom,

to become whole,

it craves solitude and light,

yearning to breathe free,

the moment still.

I feel the pull of forces taking me back in time,

into a never-lived eternity…

soaring like a bird above the clouds,

harking through the spaces between the worlds

I search for the Things That Are…

Sometimes my soul walks deeply into the forest alone

dappled light barely penetrating the leaves of the tree,

I see visions of angels in the mist

and hear the sound of music from... (more)

Tags: poem, poetry, soul, garden, spirit, daydreaming


By Cielo, published on Dec 2, 2011

The sun was low upon the horizon, a balmy air seeped through my hair as it murmured silent prayers, and the garden breathing solitude so pleasing seemed shrouded in mystery and boundless beautiful light.

Light coming down through big pinkish-blue clouds flickered and twinkled and gleamed among branches and shrubbery like little tiny fallen stars. Enchantment and magic swirled all around me; I could see it and feel it in my skin. The whole panorama made me feel as if someone bigger that the garden; and bigger than the world itself was standing upon the world spreading out some sorts of... (more)


Fleeting moments

By Cielo, published on Nov 27, 2011

The last drop of sunshine flickering through branches being swept by autumnal breezes found its way to my kitchen window last evening. It burst in a sudden twinkling on the glass of my kitchen window and like a gem touched by sun, it blinked and flickered all around me… like a pot of gold; like delightful wee stars playing on my hair and on walls and floor… it was truly an enchanted moment. It was Nature gently calling my attention—I should’ve known. I had this feeling that something extraordinary was about to take place in the garden. But I was too distracted with blogging to pay attention,... (more)

Tags: magic, garden, moments, dusk

Before I say goodbye and close the garden gate

By Cielo, published on Nov 14, 2011

It’s all to do with weather conditions. Climate has a magical wand in his hands and he uses it as he wishes; or so it seems.

It always amazes me how the garden changes from one day to the next through the seasons; and how leaves turn from plain green to vivid colors of gold and red from one hour to the next… you see, only yesterday the garden floor was alive with heaps of freshly fallen leaves; like heaps of gold scattered under trees and grasses still so green and lush with moisture it made you want to walk on it and leap and even dream on such downy greenery. But then overnight... (more)

Tags: fall, autumn, garden, roses

Of gardens and cats...

By Cielo, published on Nov 10, 2011

Gardens and cats go together; especially in autumn. Autumn is such a dreamy season… and then again, there is something about the presence of a cat in a garden… a wistful feeling—certainly a sorts of quixotic mingling.

And thus, I’ve been staring out the window a lot these days; cozying up in the warmth of the insides while standing silently by the window looking at the quiet garden…

Lemon grass, sweetgrass and sleepy Jacob’s Ladder, cat thyme, pansies and heaps of dried leaves unite; they blend and come together as Nature gently puts them to sleep.

And the wind in the trees... (more)

Tags: fall, death, life, autumn, cats, thoughts for the soul, gardens, rebirth

Pray for me

By Cielo, published on Oct 31, 2011

I think of an odd letter I received many years ago. Petitions and prayer requests were anything but unusual to me back then. In fact, they were quite the usual thing. I was working in a religious publishing house at that time, and my job involved reading and answering the assortment of letters that came every day from all sorts of people who followed all walks of life. But I was never to forget a letter containing such poignant request—of someone; a total stranger, a man I’d never seen in my life begging me to intercede for him before God, for His forgiveness. It was this man’s hope that... (more)


The mingling of seasons

By Cielo, published on Oct 23, 2011

The longer nights, the days breaking long after the first songs of birds; and in the air this nippy crispiness reminiscent of bare trees, leaves the color red amber brown yellow orange, bonfires and tawny skies. It is indubitable—autumn has arrived. Yet, to my amazement, some roses are still clinging on bushes; making the air extra sweet and the garden looking strange and captivating under this spellbound combination of crimsoned colors and petals.

Does it happen to you too? I mean, are you enchanted by this mystery too? Because, I’m sure it’s a mystery—this encountering and mingling... (more)

Tags: fall, autumn, garden, october, enchantment

A Witch's Dwelling - a Halloween story

By Cielo, published on Oct 19, 2011

All witch’s cottage are not the same. As every flower is different from each other so are each witch from each other; and so are the dwellings they choose to live in.

I once met a witch who lived in a beautiful lot on the mountainside overlooking undisturbed forested mountains that housed many homes. Her home had spring water and solar energy. So close to people she lived; yet, nobody knew they had a witch for a neighbor!

But that’s not the norm, usually. More likely, you’ll find witches living deep in the forest. Most of the witches I’ve known lived there—in the forest; among... (more)

Tags: halloween, fantasy, forest, witch, story, enchantment, witches

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