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California Cannabis “entrepreneur” leads charge

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 1, 2010

Los Angeles County, California- In March John Hoeffel, of the Los Angeles Times reported a man named Richard Lee, an Oakland marijuana entrepreneur, who is leading the charge in the debate over legalizing the possession and use of the drug outside of medical need. In order to have an issue placed on the ballot in California a minimum of 433,971 signatures are need to be turned into a certified official. County officials said of the 694,248 signatures gathered from all over California 523,531 were approved to valid.

With $1.3 million dollars of his own money invested in the cause Mr.... (more)

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2010-11 California Budget Proposal

By Christopher Wager, published on Feb 2, 2010

In 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger along with other lawmaker’s went before the people of California with strategies to solve California’s financial problems such as the selling of state grounds and other not needed, but treasured landmarks. Adding up to the, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”, syndrome.

This proposal was met with steep opposition, particularly from those living in Orange County, who were not willing to give up their beloved fairgrounds, and had moved to have the grounds rezoned making it worth half of what the governor had hoped to gain from the sale. (Hernandez) One of the state’s... (more)

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For Sale: Orange County Fair Grounds - All bids considered

By Christopher Wager, published on Dec 7, 2009

To start from the beginning in May of 2009 Governor Schwarzenegger proposed selling off a number of state properties as another attempt to sheer up the state budget. On the blacklist of sites are the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the San Quentin State Prison, and three state-owned fairgrounds. On Wednesday July 15th, the Orange County Fair Board, who are appointees of the governor, sided with Schwarzenegger and approved a resolution supporting the sale of the property of 190 acres with an estimated commercial value of $180 million dollars.

"We felt that if the state is intent on putting... (more)

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Obama's Healthcare Nightmare

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 30, 2009

Recently in a speech given to the AMA (American Medical Association) President Obama announced a few of the details of his health care plan for America. Which he announced the budget being around $1 trillion over the next ten years. In order to keep this cap some sacrifices must be made and other programs cut. For instance, federal payments to hospitals by about $200 billion and cut $313 billion from Medicare and Medicaid over 10 years. (AP)This will have a profound impact on the retired and elderly who already struggle on these mismanaged and inappropriate programs.

... (more)

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Medi-Cal on the chopping block

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 29, 2009

With the state of California budget gap totaling a staggering $24 billion, Governor Schwarzenegger and other state officials face some hard decisions in order to close this gap. As lawmakers and bean counters work throughout the summer; one truth is clear, no state funded program is safe from any type of reduction or cancellation altogether.

As California continues to have a greater need for funds than they are taking in, the finance committee members are forced to play the "Rob from Peter to pay Paul" game. Among the major programs on the chopping block is the Healthy Families Insurance... (more)

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Thanksgiving Proclamation

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 26, 2009

Not so long ago our country faced peril and adversity in a civil war as her child fought to unite themselves under one flag and to rebuild this great Republic. President Lincoln paused to give thanks, to set aside a day to reflect upon and take value in all we hold dear.

As we set off from this place, as did those brave soldiers once did, let's take with us these words: "I do therefore invite my fellow-citizens... to set apart... a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens." and find comfort in them and in each other.

For as we again are... (more)

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God Loves America

By Christopher Wager, published on Sep 9, 2009

To start with, I work hard not to pass on any of my own views or opinions in my writings. In order to report a true objective perspective one must leave themselves out of it. Agree or not with what is being reported, a report must resist the urge to spin a story in order to a line it with their feelings or believes. For example, I don’t agree with a lot of what the president says however I write his words just the same. There is enough trouble with censorship in the media with reports picking and choosing what they feel to be true or important. This may be the only... (more)


Political Disclosure, Can We Trust Our Leaders ?

By Christopher Wager, published on Aug 7, 2009

Political disclosure, should we trust our future leaders to have true transparency in regards to their intentions? Should we hold them to a higher standard of truthfulness and honesty? Can we be so naive as to expect what we ask for is what we will get?

We have to ask ourselves are we really asking for full disclosure? Or the opportunity to put a person’s character on trial? Do we have the right as fellow human beings to hold another person in moral judgment as is often the case? Who should decide what the common moral standard should... (more)


Debate Over Home Schooling Vs. Public Education Heats Up.

By Christopher Wager, published on Aug 7, 2009

With the new school year fast approaching the debate over home schooling vs. public education heats up.  With each new generation come new arguments and ideas of what is best for our children.  This is a complicated subject with valid points to be made by both sides of the education aisle.

Home schooling vs. Public schooling, it sounds like two heavyweight boxing champs squaring off for a big fight and that is exactly what it is.  In one corner we have years of teaching experience with the public school teachers and faculty, and some of the best resources for our children that money... (more)

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Growing Food Prices Put The Sting To Traditional Grocers

By Christopher Wager, published on Aug 4, 2009

Economics 101 teaches us that as wages go down, the demand for lesser goods goes up. That is exactly what’s happening around the country. According to a piece posted on the Amber Waves website an extension of the U.S government website on Statistics, which reports on ranch and farm, and natural resources of the country. This site reported that during 2007 the so called food at home spending was $417 dollar amount for an average family of four. They continued that food is the one budget item they a family can control over other fixed expenses such as rent or car payments.... (more)


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