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Looking For My Voice

By Christopher Gibson, published on Apr 16, 2009

I want to be a writer. I tell myself that all the time, but I don’t do what it takes to become a writer. I don’t write. I sit in front of the blank computer screen, and eventually become discouraged because I don’t know how to start. Or if I do happen to get started, the constant pressing of the backspace button defeats the purpose. I haven’t learned to just let the words flow, to allow the work to take shape, to let it birth itself for the world to enjoy. Censor this, cut out that, edit on the fly. I feel that it should be easier. I am constantly... (more)

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Fix A Computer, Go To Jail

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jul 2, 2008

Well I now have the perfect excuse to give someone when I don’t want to fix their computer. I don’t want to go to jail. That’s right, I could go to jail for fixing your computer.

Why could I go to jail for fixing your computer you may ask? I’ll tell you why. Because I am not a licensed Private Investigator. (Go ahead dear reader, scratch your head and say “What the…?”) Now what in the hell does being a licensed Private Investigator have to do with computer repair? That my friends, is a very good question. A question which... (more)


Back In The Saddle Again

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 9, 2008

In my younger days I was an avid cyclist. As a child growing up I was never at home. I was always out riding my neighborhood with friends or riding the trails that connected our dead end streets. During the summer months I would ride my bike to the swimming pool which was easily a good two miles from my house. If I had somewhere to go, odds are I would arrive at my destination via pedal power.

As I got older, the love of cycling remained ingrained in my being. I had a group of friends that I hung out with and we would ride every chance we got. Sometimes we’d just throw... (more)


No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 2, 2008

“I’m sorry, I don’t work on personal PC’s. It’s nothing personal, I promise”.

Have you ever heard these words come from the lips of your company’s in house IT guy? Have you ever asked and been rebuffed? Well don’t fret. Rest assured dear user, it really isn’t personal. A lot of us computer guys just don’t work on personal PC’s.

“But why not?” you ask. A computer is a computer right? If it’s broke you can certainly fix it and maybe make a little money on the side. It shouldn’t take you long, you’re an expert.

As tempting as tax free money on the side sounds, it usually just... (more)

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It's Just The Internet, Right?

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 1, 2008

The internet is a valuable tool. It has enhanced the lives of many people around the world by enabling communication, disseminating information at the speed of light, and allowing everyday people to both bank and shop without leaving the comfort of their homes. It has also been said that the internet is the future of the entertainment industry. High bandwidth connections now enable people to download full length movies in a matter of minutes and full episodes of your favorite tv shows are now available online. Websites like monster, craigslist and EBay even help you to find a job, sell that... (more)

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Do You Know Jack?

By Christopher Gibson, published on Feb 16, 2008

Hey Houston, have you met Jack? Well if you haven’t, please allow me to introduce you. Launched in August of 2007, Jack is Houston’s newest and most awesome radio station to date. Having suffered from a severe lack in quality programming, Houston received a shot in the arm when Jack came to town. Roaring into town on his turbocharged airwaves, Jack arrived in Houston with an attitude and proclaimed, “Screw you mainstream media, I’m gonna play what I want”.

What’s so good about Jack you ask? It’s simple. Jack rocks. The station’s... (more)

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Go Help Yourself

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jan 21, 2008

Help, it seems, has become a four letter word. Ask any employee at your local retail establishment for help and their bound to look at you like you cursed at them. You want me to do what? Help you? How dare you? Can't you see I'm busy? Go HELP yourself.Customer service in this country has gone to from apathetic to non-existent. They guy at the McDonald's drive thru with the big fake diamond earrings in both ears and big $ bling bling necklace won't even look at me. All I get is a hand holding a bag out the window. There's no "Would you like some ketchup" or "Thank you come again".... (more)


People Who Do Not Like Cheese Should Not Be Trusted

By Christopher Gibson, published on Aug 16, 2007

Ahhh Cheese. Just thinking about its ooey gooey melted goodness makes my mouth water. I do believe cheese may be the world's most perfect food. It's all natural and comes from cows. Of course lots of other good stuff comes from cows, things like milk and steak, but cheese takes the cake. Speaking of cake, let's talk about my favorite food to ever be made with cheese. I am speaking of course about cheesecake. Glorious, glorious cheesecake. Is there a better food known to man? I think not. You can try to argue the opposite, but I won't listen because you will just be wasting your breath.... (more)

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To Sleep, Perchance to Breathe

By Christopher Gibson, published on Aug 13, 2007

It's the middle of the night and you're fast asleep. All of a sudden you bolt upright in your bed gasping for air, sweat dripping from your pores, your heart racing. Is this the result of a nightmare, or something much more sinister? For millions of Americans, the above scenario is a nightly occurrence. Not only do they wake up drenched in sweat, they snore like freight trains, toss and turn all night, wake up choking, and have trouble staying awake during the day. And these are but a few of the symptoms that these poor people contend with. So what is this evil affliction that torments them... (more)


Bi-Lingual Preferred

By Christopher Gibson, published on Aug 11, 2007

My wife is Hispanic. She's beautiful, intelligent, and hard working. She recently lost her job and with her qualifications finding a new job should be an easy task. But she can't find a job. Why? Because she doesn't speak Spanish. Her parents speak Spanish. Her aunts and uncles speak Spanish. She and her brothers though, do not. Why is that you ask? I'll tell you why. Her parents are both Hispanic. Her father is from Mexico, and her mother was born here in Texas. They were raised with the belief that to be a part of the American culture, one must learn the English language. Learning... (more)

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