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By Chedvah, published on Dec 11, 2007

It is the season to be Merry-Ho Ho Ho!!! The day to celebrate the birth of the Son of God is drawing near. Christmas is in two weeks to come and the shopping throngs are going totally crazy. The ball is definately rolling in the court of the Shop owner and even shop keeper (bonuses for good sales are sure to crop up). I sometimes wonder if people still remember the birth of Jesus or are they more caught up in making sure that they fulfil their Christmas shopping list. This Christmas hasn’t made me fact, I am not yet in Christmas Mode...what I want for Christmas is one of... (more)

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By Chedvah, published on Dec 10, 2007

Today saw the Archbishop of York-John Sentamu, tear his dog collar and vow not to wear it until President Mugabe of Zimbabwe leaves office. I was very tempted not to write about this but I realised that my hands were itching more than my mind could control. So I will proceed with caution of course given the fact that I have never really scored highly on politics. I have never been one for public displays and the times I have indulged in them, it has been solely for the purpose of trying to prove a point and the results of which haven’t been very good. As usual, I am an avid fan of anyone... (more)



By Chedvah, published on Dec 4, 2007

Back in the day when nap time was compulsory, I remember... warming up not so quickly to the art of pretend sleep. At the time, I was a child, very excited about life and everything around me. However my most dreaded hour of the day during my youth was the time shortly after lunch. Meal times, lunch in this instance seemed pleasant but there was always this rush after the meal, “hurry up and go to rest.” There was this ritual of playing pretend sleep, starting off with tightly closing ones eyes, relaxing them while still closed and feigning a snore when an adult was still hovering around... (more)

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TXT-abulous And Loving It

By Chedvah, published on Nov 5, 2007

The mobile phone seems like it is here to stay. Anyone who has graced the public transport system, the streets and even indoors knows what I am speaking about. Some people stop midway on the pavement and start giggling while making/taking a call, reading a text and or replying it. I remember my first mobile phone was an Ericsson, one of those big heavy things that you could throw down and seemed infallible but things have changed since then. I started off as one of those loud mouthed mobile phone chatters. I still explain to my friends in London that I do it only because the landline connections... (more)

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Behind The Facade - International Aid, Woes And Misconceptions

By Chedvah, published on Nov 4, 2007

The plight of the children suffering everywhere in the world especially in the developing world is often documented and illustrated on all media illustrating and bringing attention to poverty, diseases, neglect to child trafficking. Many organisations far and wide have cropped up to combat the ever increasing inhumane treatment that the young face. So it comes as no surprise when French officials from a charity, Zoe’s Ark, took things in their own hands sadly with regrettable consequences. The charity that so many seemingly many have never heard of , is being faced with controversy surrounding... (more)

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Drink Yourself Calm And Healthy

By Chedvah, published on Nov 4, 2007

What drink are you cradling? Are you one with the herbal tea? The tantalizing aroma of the different herbal tea infusions totally drives me coolheaded. I tend to go off to a land where all things are bright and beautiful, sweet and calm whenever I drink herbal tea. Don’t get me wrong, I take ordinary black tea and coffee, but on any day give me a cup of Chamomile, Echinacea, Fennel or any one of those concocted sweet smelling things that are sold in packs and you have my day! The Pros of herbal teas outweigh the cons with less caffeine, some like Fennel (deal with stomach upsets) and Echinacea... (more)

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Shortcuts Up The Career Ladder

By Chedvah, published on Oct 14, 2007

WORK EXPERIENCE VIS A VIS EDUCATION Anyone who has been through the strenuous period of studying for pending exams, researching for coursework information and trying to understand that Lecturer, Professor or Teacher muttering seemingly significant information has for one moment questioned their reason for embarking on a journey that they are not even sure how they even started. For so many, memories of school are filled with excitement at the thought of seeing their peers mingled with dread at encountering bullies and disapproving glances from both their peers and teachers. However several... (more)

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