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By charlie nitric, published on Jul 4, 2011

Opiate Shimmering Eyes

Odeum Princess Electrifies

Outlandish Appeal Signifies

Ocean of Beauty Magnifies

Omelet of Culture Dignifies

Oriflamme of My Spirit

Onager of Life Soul

Osmotic Her Aura

Omega Woman She

Orbit This One I Will


Tags: poetry, culture, relationship, latina, single mother, puerto rican, diva, brown eyes

The Three Old Men of the Fox River Valley

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 20, 2011

It was a blue sky Saturday as the current flowed swiftly by me. The April sunshine was beaming down, radiating life to a re-borne valley and to the sprouting hills above. My late morning began on a mountain bike, peddling the Fox River trail past the vintage Dutch Windmill, on route to my favorite shoreline location.

I arrived at a picnic table on the far end of Fabyan Forest Preserve. My private table was well hidden behind tall brush, between the river and the path. It sat underneath the branches of a giant old oak tree and is a place I hadn’t been to in 11-years. Sitting on top... (more)

Tags: climbing, boy, fabyans forest preserve, fox river valley, batavia, illinois, hawk, old man, oak tree, river rat, bike trail, picnic table, the king, fly, dutch windmill

Why are Women "Lord of the Ring"

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 18, 2011

Life surely can be funny with the issues that arise between men and women whom are cohabitants of a household. Certainly there are vast differences between what men think is acceptable behavior and what women believe is correct. There are some dilemma’s that really irritate a woman’s butt because she believes her man or men in the house are not sensitive towards her concerns in this matter. I can speak for men around the world when I say, “Trust me. We all take pleasurable notice of your delicate behinds.” I can attest that I have sweated and regretted, I’ve huffed and been stuffed, I’ve gawked... (more)


Grandma’s Teeth in the Bathroom had Eyes!

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 17, 2011

She was the sweetest, most adorable grandmother a little boy could ever wish for. But seriously, couldn’t she have kept those dentures soaking in a glass next to her bed? Nope! Not my funny grandma. For some odd reason, she wanted her pearly whites to nestle overnight in a drinking glass upon a sink in the upstairs bathroom.

The bathroom sat between my room and her temporary room, with my parent’s slumber zone across from us. On the other side of my bedroom wall, where my head and bed rested, grandma’s teeth lurked only 5-feet away. More disturbing, is the fact that she set the false... (more)

Tags: humor, family, teeth, television, grandmother, dentures, godzilla, frankenstein, monsters, creature features, sister, sibling, eat me, bathroom, toilet, bite, shortstory, king kong

Trouser Mouse

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 16, 2011

I awoke to a flight attendant nudging at me, “Sir, we’ve landed in Miami. You can depart the plane now. Follow the other passengers over to baggage claim. Thank you for flying United,” she said with a smile. I grabbed my shoulder bag from the overhead storage and exited the plane. I still felt it around my right thigh. It wasn’t an annoying feeling. In fact, it kind of tickled. It was also a little itchy. No worries though. The beach babes await me.

I followed the queue towards our baggage claim area. As I walked down the corridor, I reflected upon the past 12 hours, trying to... (more)

Tags: miami, bikini, airplane, boy, girl, sexy, suitcase, beach, latina, long legs, high heels, trouser, mouse, airport, baggage claim, chicago, flight attendent, luggage

A Mother Whispers Goodnight

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 16, 2011

My earliest memory of my mother is comforting. I was a little cruiser back then, about 4 years old and it’s my bedtime. Sitting on the divan beside me, mom caressed my face gently with her fingers, keeping the closet monsters at bay. She enchants me with a heroic tale and started the story like this.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far away in the heavens, past all the stars you can see in the night sky, a loving mother was very sick and dying. She was also pregnant with a baby boy. The child she carried was strong and unusually active, and kicked hard inside of her. To feed the child’s... (more)


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