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Gas Boycott Deemed Pointless Before it Even Began

By Charles Harmison, published on May 15, 2007

Recently an email has been circulating which called for a nationwide boycott of gas today. This boycott was initiated on the belief that the oil companies could lose as much as $2.6 billion by this one-day decrease in demand and price could go down by as much as 30 cents nationwide as a result. Whether you knew this or not and bought gas, it doesn’t really matter. Every “expert” has already officially trounced the idea as either specious or just downright untrue. The "expert" argument doesn't seem too difficult to understand, as one can clearly see, whether a person doesn't buy gas... (more)


Traveling the Country with a Bologna and Cheese Sandwich

By Charles Harmison, published on May 6, 2007

Captured over an entire year traveling with the successful Presidential hopeful by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; "Journeys with George" is a genuinely interesting and entertaining documentary shows an incredibly revealing portrayal of both the President himself and also the press core that followed him around the country as he endeavored to convince everyone to vote for him. Ms. Pelosi states about the film that people will see what they want to see, which truly seems a fair assessment. The "unplugged" antics of George Bush viewed by supporters or opponents... (more)

Tags: journeys with george, 2000 campaign trail, george w busch, gs bush

May Day Clash Brings LAPD Back Under Investigation

By Charles Harmison, published on May 3, 2007

Otherwise peaceful all over the country, the May Day immigration march ended in violence Tuesday as riot police opened fire on demonstrators with rubber bullets and indiscriminate beatings from batons, all captured in intimate detail by the many cameras present. Late in the day things turned ugly when Los Angeles police decided to forcibly clear MacArthur Park west of downtown in response to jeers and thrown objects from a group of individuals said to be separate from the immigration protesters who were reportedly following all rules of conduct. Some 240 rounds in all were fired out of the... (more)

Tags: los angeles, police, shooting

Summer Sequel Bonanaza Begins Tomorrow

By Charles Harmison, published on May 1, 2007

The highly anticipated release of Spiderman 3, tomorrow marks the beginning of the summer of the sequel. Only one of the twelve sequels due out this summer and one of six, third installments, Spiderman 3 has the jump on the competition with its release in early May. Most of these releases represent franchises that more often than not exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars in world wide distribution for the precedent movies. There are even a couple returns to the screen that nobody expected as well as those that just won't seem to die in both senses of the term. The genres of the releases... (more)

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Did Anyone Get the Number of that IP

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 22, 2007

A couple of months ago I was the victim of a very nasty little computer bug that all but destroyed my computer. The virus was so insidious that it killed my CD-DVD drive, my hard drive, and it somehow severed the connection between the motherboard and the RAM memory. Even after I would delete everything and restore my computer to its factory specifications the virus would somehow remain in the registry and continue its nefarious activities. I tried everything. Finally, I had to pony up and fork over nearly $400 to completely replace parts and literally burn my hard drive clean. So now that... (more)

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Sean Penn, Unashamed to Discuss the President's Underwear

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 21, 2007

Since the first few months of this year has included no small amount of controversial and downright shocking events, and since this great site has lately been held hostage by an unnervingly myopic tone coming from some of the recent contributions to its pages, I figured it was high time I wake from my writing hibernation and offer up a couple of pennies to any one who might be interested in them. One thing is for certain Academy award winning actor, Sean Penn, has taken no time off in voicing his opinion about the war and most specifically the President's handling of it. Thursday evening... (more)

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When Denile's Oil Drys Up, Switch to BioDiesel

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 20, 2007

Though the VT killings are by no means unworthy of some serious attention and discussion, for now I would like to return our attention to matters that we can actually change. This Sunday, April 22, marks the 37th anniversary of the official nationwide declaration of Earth Day. I realize, for some, this day is seen as nothing more than an excuse for throngs of dirty sandal wearers to take to the streets in a cloud of pot smoke carrying signs and annoying SUV owners. However, with such eminent conservatives and former environmental hedonists as Governor Schwarzenegger apparently joining... (more)

Tags: global warming, energy, earth day, the environment

Yeah, It's Still Hard Being Me

By Charles Harmison, published on Dec 5, 2006

Last week everyone's favorite soft speaking, lady killing, rapper and marijuana enthusiast found himself back in handcuffs, and led off to a holding cell. Snoop Dog (Calvin Broadus) was arrested for possession of a handgun, and possession of what has only been described as a large amount of marijuana. He was also charged with having an illegal secret compartment in his vehicle. This comes nearly one month after a warrant was issued for him on charges from a pending trial for a previous arrest on September 27, for attempting to bring a baton onto a plane in New York. He was charged with a... (more)

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My Karma Gave Your Dogma a Ride to the Vet

By Charles Harmison, published on Dec 4, 2006

Alright, alright, enough is enough, are we still in third grade people? It seems the only reason we maintain borders and different labels is to continue those childish schoolyard conflicts between peer groups. Is there really nothing left a person can do to define oneself but to grab on to a manufactured symbol, hold it up next to their face and say this is me, pointing back and forth between each? Today the Muslims hate the Jews and the Christians hate the Muslims and the Jews, well, hate the Jews and everyone pretty much hates the Christians but tomorrow it will all be different, well... (more)

Tags: humor, christians, philosophy, muslims, jews, hate, wars, labels

Keeping Religion out of Technological Achievement

By Charles Harmison, published on Nov 18, 2006

It is becoming clear that the various religious lobbies have petitioned their congressmen and senators to dismiss the first clause of the 1st Amendment to the constitution. Often called the Establishment Clause, it is these ten words which attempt to separate the church from the state. In most cases the second clause called the Free Exercise clause protecting religion from the state is more often considered the most important portion of this amendment. However, protecting the state from religion is becoming more and more necessary as scientific achievement brings forth advances which religious... (more)

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