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Q & A with Award Winning Cinematographer Egor Povolotskiy

By CelebrityGossip, published on May 28, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Russia's most sought after cinematographers, Egor Povolotskiy. Having received two coveted awards at the Rochester International Film Festival last year for his work on the film We Are Enemies, Povolotskiy's brilliant use of lighting and camera placement in this film and others make it easy to see why he continues to be tapped to use his creative expertise on films across continents. In Ilya Rozhkov's We Are Enemies, Povolotskiy's superior talents shine through on the screen brilliantly.

Not only does the fluidity and precision of each... (more)

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Liliya Anisimova's Passion for Storytelling Makes Her a Powerful Writer

By CelebrityGossip, published on Mar 26, 2015

"Take a seat be moved," scrolls across the 2015 SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY website; the festival where director Liliya Anisimova's most recent documentary feature Love Is the Highest Law screened last Friday.

Maybe it's Anisimova's long history as a television news journalist for Russian media outlets like Teleinform and Moscow Doverie that has given her the knowledge of what "socially relevant" really means in the eyes of an audience; but, regardless of where her capacity for creating impactful films came from, the point is, she has it.

Captivated by the unique lives... (more)

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Yohan Lee In ‘Hello’ by Royal Jacks!

By CelebrityGossip, published on Sep 13, 2014

Yohan Lee stars in the upcoming music video for the hit song “Hello” by the upbeat alternative rock band Royal Jacks, which will be released later this year. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Yohan Lee moved to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, several years ago.

An adept young actor whose good looks, versatility and emotional range have landed him roles in a wide array of projects, Lee has managed to create an impressive repertoire of work, which includes renowned film and theater productions, as well as music videos.

Having realized his desire, and talent... (more)

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