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Nailing it On the Fly: Actor Cory Dagg

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jun 9, 2016

For many actors the audition room can become an overwhelming place fairly quickly, especially if they are new to the process or unprepared; but, it’s one that they need to get comfortable with just the same, that is, if they ever want to book work in the increasingly competitive entertainment industry. Having the time to develop a character prior walking into the room is ideal, but it’s a luxury that doesn’t always happen. Being able to immerse oneself in the character in an instant and intuitively gauging how they’ll be read best on the fly, is one challenge that separates the select pool... (more)

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Actress Diana Matlak Stars in the Upcoming Film

By CelebrityGossip, published on Mar 7, 2016

With so much competition, it takes a lot to stand out as an actor or actress. Diana Matlak knows that well. But she has an edge — her combination of suave sophistication, inimitable charm and extensive experience, together with a natural gift for performance. An actress as skilled as Matlak is truly rare, a fact which has not escaped the attention of casting directors and filmmakers. Finding the “perfect fit” for a role can determine a film’s success, which is why Diana Matlak is such an established favorite in the industry.

Matlak is currently working on what she considers one of her... (more)


Q & A with International Model Vlada Verevko!

By CelebrityGossip, published on Dec 3, 2015

Russian beauty Vlada Verevko didn't always plan on becoming a model, in fact, her original plan was to become a psychologist, but after obtaining her college degree in psychology the fashion world continued knocking at her door so she decided to give it a shot. And now, more than a decade later, Verevko continues to be in high demand as both a fashion and commercial model. Her story isn't one of climbing the ladder in hopes of making a dream come true; instead, it's a rare and unique story of instant success!

Over the years Vlada's face has appeared practically everywhere from major... (more)

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Q & A with Key Art Designer Chris Sousa Ebels

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 25, 2015

When viewers take the trip to the theatre to see a new film, in most cases, they previously saw a captivating trailer or film poster that led them to decide "Oh I've got to go see this!"

For Chris Sousa Ebels, a key art designer and creative director at The Design Studio for Film aka DSF, getting international audiences to the theatre with his eye-catching work is an every day job.

As a key art designer Chris creates the perfect visualization of what happens in a film's story with the trailers, one sheets and movie posters so that audiences will both know what to expect and get... (more)

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Birgit Ludemann Shines on Screen in Several War Films

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 17, 2015

Born to German parents in South Africa, actress Birgit Ludemann is undeniably beautiful, but it's her aptitude for performing in war films and anything with action that has truly allowed her to shine in the entertainment industry.

Birgit, who has undergone several stints of stunt training over the years, is extremely agile and in tune with her movements, aspects of her talent that have allowed her to take on challenging roles like Natali in the film The Cello Player and Naomi Basson in the film Maquisard.

Taking on the starring role of Naomi Basson in writer and director Kurt... (more)

Tags: actress birgit ludemann, maquisard film, the cello player film, war films, sex in public tv series, tlc, south african actress, german actress

Interview with English Actor Joe Pharoah

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 14, 2015

With the dynamic nature of show business today, the ability to be versatile is perhaps one of the strongest traits an actor can have. The ever-changing face of entertainment means that there are more ways than ever to tell a story. Gone are the days where an actor’s resume consisted only of roles within the walls of a playhouse or studio. Now we are presented with an entertainment landscape that includes everything from a film delivered straight to your phone to an international-scale production in a stadium with thousands of moving parts.

Joseph Pharoah has done both, as well as everything... (more)


Actor Profile: Aleksandra Kovacevic

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 8, 2015

(Actress Aleksandra Kovacevic shot by Myron McClure)

Born in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Aleksandra Kovacevic moved to Germany early on in her youth where she spent the majority of her formative years. By the time she hit high school her passion for acting was burning with full force.

Dedicated to perfecting her craft on the stage, the talented young performer landed several starring roles in theatre productions back home in Germany before transitioning into the world of film and television several years ago.

Like Kovacevic, many of today's most... (more)


Q & A with Australian Actress Jessica Waters

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jul 31, 2015

Dazzling Australian beauty Jessica Waters has been making waves as an actress in the Australian film and television industry for quite some time now. Something of a triple threat, Waters is more than just an actress; she is also a professional singer and dancer, two added talents that undoubtedly set her apart from most other performers.

Waters got one of her first big breaks on camera back in Australia in 2009 when she landed a recurring role on the television series Neighbours. To date, the series has won over 23 awards including 14 Logie Awards and several Australian Writers' Guild... (more)

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Interview with Dashing Theater Star Alex Luukkonen!

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jun 20, 2015

Finish-born actor Alex Luukkonen has acted in high profile theater productions, films and television shows across continents. In film, Luukkonen recently acted in Pastry, Outsider, Perception of Art, One Night, Cindy, The Adventrues of Sally's Inner Demons, as well as many more. He also recently appeared in the series Chronicles of the Dead, which was shot in Los Angeles. In our interview I got the opportunity to pick Alex Luukkonen's brain about the difference between acting for the theater and the screen, as well as some of the unique roles that he's played in the theatrical productions of... (more)

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An Interview with DJ Kiraz

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jun 11, 2015

Elin Ekdahl, better known as DJ Kiraz, first made her mark on the electronic music scene as a DJ in Japan where she's played some of Tokyo's biggest clubs and music events. Famous for making her fans want to dance, DJ Kiraz mixes a wide range of tracks including everything from soothingly hypnotic 120 to 130 bpm deep house tracks, to her fast paced hardstyle 140+ bpm tracks, and everything in between.

Over the last year the talented Swedish-born beauty has also been gaining attention in the U.S. playing on the same bill as many of the world's leading trance DJs like Simon Patterson,... (more)


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