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Speaking Through the Lens: Cinematographer Andrea Mereles

By CelebrityGossip, published on Aug 11, 2017

For the past five years cinematographer Andrea Gonzalez Mereles has been using her unparalleled skill behind the lens to create captivating visual stories for a plethora of films and television series.

Originally from Mexico City, Mereles has made a name for herself both at home, as well as in the U.S., due to her powerful work as the cinematographer behind films such as Roberto Escamilla’s (The One Who Couldn’t Love, Passion and Power) 2016 drama Changes, Bo-You Niou’s (Manners of Dying) drama The 12th Stare starring Christine Kellogg-Darrin (Shameless, The Neighbours)and many more.

... (more)


Natalie Page Continues to Captivate on Screen

By CelebrityGossip, published on Apr 24, 2017

Since first taking to the stages of Australia in the starring role of Scapin in The Rock Players’ production of “The Scoundrel Scapin” back in 1987 actress Natalie Page has created a marvelous repertoire of work, spanning both the stage and screen, which reveals her as an unstoppable performer capable of taking on any role.

On screen Page has captivated audiences several times over through critical roles in popular crime series such as “Water Rats” and “Australia’s Most Wanted,” where she showcased her ability to play the victim, “Deadly Women” where she took on the starring role... (more)

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Chinese Film Editor Fei Zheng Makes Her Mark in Hollywood

By CelebrityGossip, published on Apr 24, 2017

With the proliferation of Chinese and American coproductions taking place across the U.S. film industry, the need for talented individuals within the industry who understand both cultures and languages is also on the rise.

Chinese directors such as Academy Award winner Ang Lee (“Life of Pi”), Zhang Yimou (“The Great Wall,” “House of Flying Daggers”), John Woo (“Face/Off”) and many more have all made a huge impact in Hollywood; but it is often said that a director is only as a good as his or her team. One of the most critical figures in that team, one that can make or break the flow of... (more)


Actor Souleiman Bock Masterfully Portrays Dark Characters

By CelebrityGossip, published on Nov 17, 2016

Originally from Djibouti, East Africa, actor Souleiman Bock, who played Khaalid Mohamoud on the hit British TV series “River,” has definitely gotten our attention with the unique and often brooding look he brings to the screen, but the actor’s appeal on camera extends far beyond his looks alone.

From the dark and menacing to the deeply emotional, Bock’s ability to bring a wide range of characters to life with believability has been a driving factor in the success he’s achieved in the industry over the last few years.

In the crime series “River” created by Primetime Emmy Award... (more)

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Dive Assad Stars in the Upcoming Series

By CelebrityGossip, published on Nov 16, 2016

With a unique and ethnically ambiguous style of beauty that captivates and intrigues audiences every time she hits the screen, actress Dive Assad is one of those rare talents we just can’t seem to take our eyes off.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Dive Assad shares similarities in terms of look and appeal with the likes of Salma Hayek, with both actresses being of Lebanese heritage on their fathers’ side. For Dive, who moved stateside a few years ago to focus on her acting career, 2016 has been an incredibly successful year with the actress taking on a plethora of lead roles in an impressive... (more)

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Q & A with Australian Actress Karen Mitchell!

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 24, 2016

Some actors are just born with the aesthetics that allow them to believably inhabit any character, but as we all know it’s not just the look that counts, they need to have the skill to back it up, and Australian actress Karen Mitchell has both. In her youth Mitchell spent years training as a classical ballet dancer, something that has no doubt helped her achieve grace and fluidity on screen. Mitchell recently wrapped production on several upcoming films including “The Margin of Things” where she plays Tina, “Just One More Day” where she plays Alexa and Michele Konrad’s (“Antartica Now!”) romantic... (more)

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Film Review:

By CelebrityGossip, published on Oct 10, 2016

Director Ilya Rozhkov astounds again with his latest brilliantly executed film, Dying to Live, which was chosen as an Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival’s Court Metrage, as well as by the Manhattan Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Dramatic Short and the USA Film Festival Int'l Short Film Competition where it was the Runner Up for the Best Short Film Award.

The visceral story follows a young man, Jesse, on the day he learns of his terminal illness, and takes us on a journey that is somehow both deeply tragic, and, yet, joyously light.

The film opens at... (more)


Q & A with Award-Winning Film Editor Shayar Bhansali

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jul 2, 2016

For film editors, the mark of greatness means that their work goes unnoticed-- that their cuts remain virtually invisible so as to let the story unfold seamlessly before our eyes. While editing is arguably one of the most challenging and story defining aspects of a film production, it is actually quite rare for an editor to earn praise and attention for their work, it means that whoever is judging sees leagues beyond the structured sequence of events within the film’s story. To judge an editor’s work one must examine the way each shot choice has helped to create palpable emotion, how each scene... (more)

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Model Ashiko Westguard on Staying Healthy and in Shape

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jun 20, 2016

For international fashion model Ashiko Westguard, learning the extreme importance of self-love and how to balance food intake with a regular workout routine has been key in maintaining a healthy body and a happy mind. After signing to Next Models at the age of 18, Ashiko earned worldwide success traveling to exotic places like Japan, Spain, Paris, Hong Kong and Denmark to model for an impressive list of designers.

Having modeled in massive ad campaigns for Garnier, Revlon, Coca Cola, Skechers, Air Canada, and Huggies, as well as being on the covers of a long list of magazines including... (more)


Anthony Warren: A Master of Accents and Much More

By CelebrityGossip, published on Jun 10, 2016

Veteran actor Anthony Warren has been making an indelible impression on stage and screen audiences for two decades. In his roles on television and in film and theater, he has displayed an unrivaled ability to embody a vast array of characters. Most impressively, he does so with such authenticity and dedication that his roles invariably take on a life of their own and become flesh and blood in their own right.

A worldly man with a gift for performance, Warren’s rich multicultural heritage is a big part of the reason he is such a versatile actor. His parents, originally from Jamaica, moved... (more)

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