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Poli Sci For 2nd Graders

By CCNY, published on Oct 29, 2008

This past Monday,my son, a 2nd grader here in Queens, NY, came home and told me that his library teacher had read aloud to them from a children's book about Barack Obama's life. He proceeded to tell me several details fromObama's story and it got me wondering: did the teacher also read a book to the class about John McCain?

It sounds silly to be stumping for equal time in a 2nd grade class, but in the interest of fairness, I thought if they're teaching this as a current event, why wouldn't they read from a McCain book as well, right? When I askedmy sonif he knew who else was running... (more)

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The Parent Crap: Learning To Say No

By CCNY, published on Oct 20, 2008

A recent New York Times article detailed the plight of certain parents of considerable means who, by dint of the economic debacle in progress, were seeing their family finances redefined on a daily, sometimes even hourly, basis. The piece describes the struggles of these parents to impart to their children what it all means for their families, who up to now have only experienced the salad days. I mean, a lot of salad. Like a Rose Bowl-sized portion of salad. Get it? Okay...

So, while their parents worry about how to live on ONLY their 6 and 7 figure savings accounts and deal with... (more)

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