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Sassy & Trouble of Atlanta Need a Home!

By Carrie C. House, published on Oct 1, 2007

The importance and magnitude of a lifetime commitment... Sassy and Trouble are sweet and fun loving black Lab siblings whose lives recently took a terrible turn for the worse. They'd spent their entire, happy lives together with their family. Life was pretty good - a loving home with a single mom, a boy of their very own and all the kitty cats they could snuggle. Then disaster struck. It was unimaginable. Their mom died suddenly leaving everyone distraught and in despair... and to make matters worse, they became homeless on top of it all. Everything changed. Sassy and Trouble were in a bad spot... (more)

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How Can YOU Save 3 Million Pets this Year?

By Carrie C. House, published on Jun 22, 2007

Cute little furballs...darking kittens attacking your feet like a game when you walk by...puppies chewing on every pair of shoes you try to hide. They are cute and adorable. And they are dying every day. How can you help save 3 million cats and dogs this year? By supporting Meals Fur Pets, a non-profit organization based in Cherokee County. MFP is committed to helping pet owners in need. Based off the Meals on Wheels program, MFP realized the need for these same people's PETS to be taken care of as well. Their first ever Bark in the Park will be held in September at the Woodstock City... (more)


Wedges Wobble!

By Carrie C. House, published on Jun 22, 2007

I’m sure even if we don’t exactly recall playing with Weebles, the egg-shaped colorful toys along with their tree houses, etc. in our childhood…that it’s STILL hard to forget their jingle: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” The concept was genius – a toy that moved on its own, engaged the minds of children…but never fell over!! The same concept holds equally brilliant for women’s shoe manufactures. After years of battling cases from health junkies about the dangers of high heels and the other half of the public being the women that found it difficult to walk in them,... (more)

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