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The History Of Tap Dancing

By Caroline Lucas, published on Nov 30, 2015

Tap is such a fun expression of dance: the ability to use your feet to make fast, repetitive movements to create sounds and rhythms is amazing to watch.

Performing Dance Arts prides itself on providing children with the bestdance education in Canada and the U.S. Tap dance is not only a great physical exercise but it alsoimproves your self-confidence and social skills. Get complete information about our tap dance classes at Performing Dance Arts.

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Choose the Right Ballet Class for Your Child

By Caroline Lucas, published on Jan 22, 2015

Choosing the right Ballet class for your child is ponderous. An acknowledged dance studio will remain focused on just one element: your child’s evolution in dance. Parents must not depend entirely on internet search results to narrow down on the best ballet school for their little one. If a dance studio looks interesting, plan a tour in person, shoot questions and observe a class in progress. Hundreds of ballet classes in the region can often confuse parents, so watch out for a structured dance program for different level, with a well –set module based on time tested methods. Identifying... (more)

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The Many Benefits of Hip Hop Classes

By Caroline Lucas, published on Dec 5, 2014

Students from schools in Dothan, Alabama recently broke the world record for the largest hip hop dance routine. Nearly 2,000 students gathered at a local civic centre and broke the previous record of 1,000 performers, which was set in Japan.

The students spent eight weeks rehearsing the performance, which involved dancing to a mash-up of different hip hop songs. The dance routine was choreographed by Patti Rutland Jazz’s outreach program, a program that offers hip hop classes and other forms of dance lessons to students in Dothan and the surrounding areas. For a video of the... (more)

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Dance: The Ideal Way to Keep Your Kids Active This Winter

By Caroline Lucas, published on Sep 23, 2014

Summer is over and fall is upon us. And you know what that means: winter isn’t too far behind. You’re doubtlessly looking for ways to keep your children active once it’s too cold to play outside. As the top dance studio in Woodbridge and York Region, Performing Dance Arts tells parents that dance is an excellent way to keep active during the winter.

In addition to keeping active, dance is also an excellent way to help your child build their confidence and lose their inhibitions; we have seen many wallflowers bloom once they start taking lessons at our dance studio in Woodbridge.... (more)

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Alumni Profile: Performing Arts Dancer Janaye Upshaw

By Caroline Lucas, published on Sep 20, 2014

Janaye Upshaw graduating from Performing Dance Arts’dance studio in Woodbridge, Upshaw has gone on to a number of achievements, such as Miss Teen Can-Dance, Miss Teen MLDMA Dancer of the Year, Senior Dancer of the Year from the New York City Dance Alliance, and an International Model and Talent Association scholarship.

In addition to these achievements, Upshaw ‘s talents as a dancer have led to her working with some of the top entertainers, choreographers, and dancers in the business. She worked with Shawn Desmond, Keshia Chanté, and Blake McGrath for a So You Think You Can Dance... (more)


3 Top Benefits of Dancing

By Caroline Lucas, published on Sep 5, 2014

The health benefits of dance have been well-documented in numerous surveys and researches. People who dance are better able to keep themselves in good shape, both physically and mentally. The popularity of dance shows has led to resurgence in dance and a number of dance studiosin Vaughan have mushroomed to cater to the huge demand for recreational and competitive dance training.

There are many exercises that help in keeping us fit physically and mentally, but few are as joyous as dancing. Most people who shy away from dancing don’t really know the enormous benefits they are missing... (more)

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Acro Summer Intensive Camp Facility

By Caroline Lucas, published on Jul 23, 2014

Learn new tricks and improve old ones in this intense week of training. This camp is not just for acrobats. All dancers should come out to improve their flexibility and strengthen their bodies. Acro summer intensive camp will help you with all other types of dance!


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Tips on Finding the Right Dance Studio for your Child

By Caroline Lucas, published on Jul 8, 2014

Dancing has a number of benefits for children. It not only helps in keeping them physically fit, but also aids in the development of their social skills. Dancing instills important virtues of confidence, teamwork, and respect in children. Dancing teaches children life skills will immensely benefit them later in their personal and work lives.

If your child has expressed the desire to join a dance class, as a parent, it is your prerogative to put in the effort to find a dance studio that will be ideally suited to his/her needs. Your child will be spending a great deal of time at the studio,... (more)

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