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To Nobly Save or Meanly Lose

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 2, 2011

Since April 12, 2011, each passing day has been the 150th anniversary of a day during the American Civil War. In the eleven states of the Confederacy, this conflict is often called the War of Northern Aggression. After four years of bloody warfare, the Confederacy was a shambles and surrendered. Slavery was outlawed everywhere in the nation. The restoration of the Union, the Reconstruction Era and the Redemption Movements [anti-reconstruction efforts in most of the vanquished Confederacy] followed. These dealt with but did not resolve numerous issues. These unresolved issues have persisted... (more)

Tags: justice, civil rights, elections, voting, equality, union, republic, suppression

Ode to a Beautiful Dreamer

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 1, 2011

On a winged unicorn she rides with hopes unfurled

In her mind and in her breast, she cherishes a better world.

So when we view this vision so wondrous from afar

Let us all resolve at once to cheer her rising star.

In these times of troubles cascading through months and years

We need something to rally round; someone to soothe our fears

We must but allow ourselves to look into the sky,

There the beautiful dreamer on her mount stirs a hopeful sigh

She is the radiant angel of a better world aborning.

Look upon her as a vision of the... (more)

Tags: inspiration, hope, progress, betterment, aspiration, angel, benevolence, striving

America the Inclusively Beautiful

By Caballero_69, published on May 30, 2011

O beautiful for glorious themes Our history’s refrain, Despite so many tragedies, We strive ever to attain. America! America! Truth shed Its grace on thee, And seed your lands with helping hands From sea to shining sea.

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife, Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life. America! America! May Truth thy goals refine Until all success be nobleness, And every gain sublime.

O beautiful for heroic deeds Where stunning valor shines, A testament to freedom’s needs, That stirs our hearts and minds. America! America!... (more)

Tags: america, patriotism, diversity, unity, citizenship, ideals, inclusion

Let Us Remember

By Caballero_69, published on May 28, 2011

Let us pause amidst the picnics, parties, and all the baseball games Reflecting on those no longer among us, to remember and revere their names. As we relax and revel in various times and places Of those who are not amongst us, let us recall their faces. For unlike other festivals what we call Memorial Day It is not mainly for merriment and surely not for play. It is a time for remembrance of what has gone before For recalling, those who bravely fought in each and every war So let us pause a moment in our eating and our drinking Let us ask ourselves, “What might they have been thinking?”... (more)

Tags: patriotism, war, memorial day, gratitude, remembrance

Freedom Summer of 2011

By Caballero_69, published on May 25, 2011

Are we sitting on the sidelines, or

Are we really in the fight -

Helping people raise their voices altogether Black and White?

Are we teaching civil rights

Doing more and more

Like Mississippi in the summer of 64?

Can we learn from Mississippi

When hatred burns today

Can we keep that dream of Martin's from ever fading away?

Are we stepping up and speaking out, or

Do we turn the other way

Are we living truth or living lies when hatred burns today?

Are we standing firm for justice, and

Doing all we can

... (more)

Tags: education, justice, civil rights, freedom, voting, equality, citizenship, protest

You must follow your dreams!

By Caballero_69, published on May 21, 2011

Daringly journey wherever they lead.

Do not be dismayed by any dastardly deed.

Shelter them; nourish them; help them grow.

Cherish them deep in the heart of hearts that you alone know.

Follow your dreams, Chase them with rigor.

Dreams are too precious for anything but vigor.

Be courageous; be loyal all day and all night

Refuse to give up; fight the good fight.

When the battle is raging and all may be lost,

Bear every burden and pay any cost!

Disregard worry and weariness; never give in!

To betray your dreams is the... (more)

Tags: dreams, courage, commitment, hope, integrity, aspirations, self-fulfillment

Freedom Sliders

By Caballero_69, published on May 19, 2011

In nineteen hundred and sixty one

The struggle began, but still it's not won.

They all rode for freedom and some died for truth

Snatched away from us in the bloom of their youth

Now fifty later we are way off the track

At a high school in Memphis, all faces are black!

Why did they dare? Why did they try?

Why did they suffer? Why did they die?

When Lord, oh when will we finally do

Right by the many and not just the few

How can we tolerate these separate schools?

So contrary to law and so against the rules

Is... (more)


Ode to Pat Toomey

By Caballero_69, published on May 19, 2011

When our would be leaders play tricks with the truth,

What will become of the idealism of youth?

If facts are not honored but subject to choice,

How will we ever speak with one voice?

If those appointed to know raise an alarm in response to the test

While elected rivals dismiss their concerns as a jest,

What will become of our country, our children and all of the rest?

Any of us with a smidgen of sense see the peril that looms,

However, partisans prevaricate in crowded speech rooms.

As economic catastrophe hurtles our way,

“No... (more)

Tags: truth, voting, citizenship, debt ceiling, expertise, testimony, governance

Real Americans and True Patriots

By Caballero_69, published on May 15, 2011

Real Americans and True Patriots love their country and see to its need. They challenge it to rise up and live out the full meaning of its creed.

Real Americans and True Patriots pledge to the flag, and even more to the Republic for which it stands. They are bothers in arms with open hearts and helping hands.

Real Americans and True Patriots know the flag consists of cloth, dye, and thread while the Republic grows from the conviction and valor of both living and dead.

Real Americans and True Patriots fight for self-evident truth with the wisdom of age and the passion of... (more)


Hurricane Common

By Caballero_69, published on May 12, 2011

A few lines of lyrics are the purported cause of the furor raised on the right about Common’s appearance at the White House poetry forum. Fox News called attention to his lyrical content on their website yesterday with this headline: 'Michelle Obama Hosting Vile Rapper At White House.' This is a radical flip from October 2010, when a Fox News reporter told Common – “your music is very positive and you are known as the conscience rapper – how important is that to you and how important do you think that is to our kids?" In the space of seven months, the conscience rapper became the Vile Rapper.... (more)


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