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Some Goosebumps Never Fade...

By C. Reagan, published on May 15, 2008

Robert Lewis Stine has been scaring the fruit snacks out of 'tweens for 20 years.

Best known for his "Goosebumps" books and subsequent television series, R.L Stine is often called the "Stephen King of children's literature". He has released over 50 titles under the "GB" and "Fear Street" series as well as publishing several stand-aloners, one or two geared toward "all growed up" fans, (Superstious, 1995) most becoming YA best sellers.

Now, Stine is back on bookshelves with an all new series for the next generation of horror fans.

Tapping into a genre that is... (more)

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Coffee Shop Etiquette

By C. Reagan, published on May 13, 2008

When visiting a coffee shop or cafe, I always have an agenda. I may be meeting someone for a date, working on a brilliant short story or reading the latest Chuck Palahniuk novel! In Los Angeles, particularly West Hollywood, it seems down-right impossible to enjoy myself while sipping iced coffee or soy lattes for a myriad of reasons:

1. Why do you, Mr. Brooks Brothers suit and perfectly coiffed hair feel the need to order your drink and over-priced baked goods extremely loudly? Why do you have a Coffee Bean gift card in line at a Starbucks and why are you giving the poor soul behind... (more)

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Even Trainwrecks Have Squealing Breaks

By C. Reagan, published on Jan 26, 2008

Almost ten years ago, a blond, petite doe eyed girl sauntered into the public eye. She swung her hips and chewed her pencil, waiting for the school bell to free her from her daunting Catholic education and allow her to change into a sports bra and tell us "my loneliness is killing me".

She just wanted to dance.

Fast forward to today, when that same schoolgirl vixen has morphed into a troubled young mother, a tabloid cover girl and an obsession to many. Everywhere you look, news casters, bloggers and journalists are debating "What happened to Britney?". Meanwhile, we watch... (more)

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Another Gay Sunshine... Fall Lineup?

By C. Reagan, published on Aug 23, 2007

Fall is my favorite season! With the changing of the leaves comes an array of great new fashion, where even in Los Angeles we can appreciate the (ever so slight) cooler temperature to embrace a trendy jacket or must-have scarf But, Fall isn’t only a time for new fashion! Notoriously, this is the time that the most new television pilots are unleashed to the viewing masses to decide if they are worthy of our precious TiVo memory space. This year both cable stations and major networks are throwing open the door to gay roles and themes without the blink of an eye. Executive Producer Darren... (more)

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Not just Myspace, it's Everyone's Space

By C. Reagan, published on Jun 20, 2007

“Are you on Myspace?” has become the new “Can I have your number?” for legions of people from over the world. What started in November of 2003 as an innovative way to network, connect with old friends or meet new people has unquestionably had an colossal impact on it’s thousands of members and in turn, become a household name. I won’t bore you with specifics on how the site has become legendary with teens and twenty-some things. People log onto the site multiple times a day, altering their profiles, posting bulletins and searching for new friends while keeping tabs on their ever... (more)

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The Bar Pick-Up

By C. Reagan, published on Apr 9, 2007

Simply stated, the “bar pick-up” inevitably becomes the “drunken one-night stand”. But, for those insisting to facilitate the chic-flick inspired notion that going out on Saturday nights to pour Grey Goose and Sugar Free Red Bull into your carb starved bodies and arching those carefully waxed eyebrows at the first adequately coiffed, up-right walking Homo Saipan across the softly lit club will lead to anything else, stop reading after this paragraph. Next, re-direct yourselves to the “Self-Help” section of Barnes and Noble and pray for a Disney Animated Musical scale miracle to dance... (more)

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I'm Holdin' out for a Backlash!

By C. Reagan, published on Feb 17, 2007

It seems with each hour in Hollywood, a new feud, cat-fight, addiction or “immoral act” is revealed and broadcast to the masses in a matter of seconds. These days, it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on what hottest gossip is rocking the movers and shakers of the entertainment world. Gossip blogs, YouTube, Television News, gossip magazines, Tabloid T.V., talk shows, newspapers and, yes, still even the old stand-by: word of mouth have made it virtually impossible for any “It” girl to have a drink without the media demanding her to check into rehab. Of course, this is all old news.... (more)

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Attack of the Killer Sequel

By C. Reagan, published on Jan 3, 2007

It's safe to say that on an average day, you can observe at least five people working on a screenplay in or around West Hollywood without even trying. Usually, they are bent over a steaming mug of Joe, are clutching a highlighter like there is no tomorrow and are grimacing at the result of their 2oth re-write. Surprisingly, even with all these struggling writers clamoring for a piece of the marquee, 2007 is slated to be the "Year of the Sequel". You may be thinking, “Wait, wasn't 2006 chock full of sequels too?" Sure, we had "Pirates of the Caribbean 2", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning",... (more)

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Home for the Holidays?

By C. Reagan, published on Nov 28, 2006

Never, in the history of "Sex and the City", did Carrie go Home for the Holidays. I can't recall a single other show in recent history holding back from forcing the "Holiday Special" down the throats of it's viewers. I, in the grand tradition of "Sex.." will not be hosting a Holiday Special this year. When people ask me when I'm going home for Christmas, I just smirk and say that I can't afford it. I say a little prayer every time these lies slip past my lips. Horrid, Horrid lies. Now, don't get me wrong. I am terribly homesick. I do miss the grand St. Louis Holiday traditions of snow and ice... (more)

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More Press for 'Borat'

By C. Reagan, published on Nov 11, 2006

Finally, the Universities of South Carolina and their Greek System have a voice. Just go see "Borat" or, officially "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" to see what the men of Chi Psi think of minorities, women and of course, Pam Anderson. Granted, the boys featured in the #1 film in America clearly had a few drinks before becoming mini-Mel Gibsons. Alas, they feel that they were "duped" into looking like complete racist, sexist buffoons and are suing 20th Century Fox and three production companies for "Unspecified" monetary damages and... (more)

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