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Australian PM Calls For Co-operation

By Bradley Fink, published on Nov 22, 2008

Lima, Peru) - KEVIN RUDD, Australia’s Prime Minister, addressed a summit in Peru this afternoon calling for a “co-ordinated international action” to keep the world from falling further into economic crisis. He warned that a significant slowdown in the world's poorer countries next year could push an extra 60 million people worldwide into poverty. The Prime Minister addressed business leaders who included senior executives from General Motors, Microsoft and Chinalco, as well as world leaders. The summit was for the 21 member countries of APEC


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From the Photo Miami Exhibition 2007

By Bradley Fink, published on Dec 10, 2007

The International Contemporary Art Fair for Photo Based Art ended this Sunday as part of Miami’s annual Art Basel festival. The exhibition was a eclectic display of photography, video, and new media ranging from cultural commentary, to the sexually symbolic, to the just plain strange. Apart from the collections of modified photography there was a prominent showing of traditional (albeit digital) works, which for this writer dominated the show. Perhaps the most powerful of these was that of The Galleria Maria Llanos, featuring an environmental theme by Jose Maria Mellado of Spain. In his series... (more)

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Dalai Lama speaks on Unity

By Bradley Fink, published on Nov 1, 2007

North America - In Toronto on Wednesday The Dalai Lama finished his Western tour with a public lecture on World Unity, calling the concept of war "outdated". He called into expample the current relationship between Germany and France, who were once hostile enemies. "I always tell people the concept of war is outdated," he said. "On a global level, affection, sense of respect, a friendly attitude, considering people as brothers and sisters...that is the basis of genuine peace." In his observances the he said that in Europe NATO headquarters should move to Moscow, and "Russia should be brought... (more)

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Argentina Elects First Lady

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 29, 2007

Buenos Aires - First Lady Christina Fernandez, the 54 year old wife of President Nestor Kirchner, is poised to assume the role of President of Argentina after initial election results have come in at nearly 44 percent in her favor.

Fernandez is a lawyer and senator whose husband has lead a remarkable recovery since Argentina's economic crisis in 2001. She will become the first female elected to the presidency of the country.

The news suggests a further shift in a rising global trend toward matriarchy, as nations have been increasingly supportive of women as presidential leaders.... (more)

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An Evening in Mostar, Bosnia

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 26, 2007

From a visit on July 30, 2006 -MOSTAR, BOSNIA When a place lends itself to the leisure of other people it generally becomes a haven for the lewd and the superficial. I am now in the fifteenth month of a backpacking journey that has taken me to some of the less contemporary parts of the world. In speaking with people and seeing their ways I have found that culture, above all things, is what makes a country endearing, and that a culture exploited is something lamentable. A place that panders to tourism is simply a place without a soul. With an old friend from the States I have recently... (more)

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Notes on Zambia

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 24, 2007

Livingston, Zambia (2006) (September 25) - We have made it to a hostel near Victoria Falls. Here we have met five Brits (three girls and two boys) who are studying in Durban on an exchange program. They have come up to see the falls on their week off. Apparently Thursday (today is Monday) is Zambia’s presidential election, and we were told of a political rally here in town. This was for Hakainde Hichilema (H.H.), one of the main candidates, none of whom I know anything about. But we went to the rally where there were thousands of Zambians gathered in a field, dancing and cheering, some... (more)

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