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French Myth Unmasked

By brabant, published on Oct 14, 2013

You've all, I imagine, seen the newsclips showing the French unions demonstrating their disapproval of government action by taking to the streets...but look behind the image and you'll find a disturbing reality.

In the post war political settlement of France, the social actors were defined as government, bosses and unions and these were accordingly represented on the bodies dealing with social policy....notably health, social security and pensions.

The unions, which grew from the struggle for decent conditions for workers, became accustomed to the exercise of power....and accustomed... (more)

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We Don't Have The Government We Deserve

By brabant, published on Nov 2, 2011

Do we follow Hobbes or Locke?

Do we feel that, in return for protection from the egoistical urges of others, we have formed a commonwealth and given up the right to overthrow its rulers, or do we feel that we made a social contract, with obligations on both sides?Our rulers clearly think we have a commonwealth...where we, the commons, supply their wealth...and in some parts of the world they allow us to elect figureheads from among their ranks. They call it democracy.If we don't like what we get, well, that's the bargain we made in return for the security of property and freedom from... (more)

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