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The Granite Whisperer

By Blogger_babe32, published on Dec 11, 2009

A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen and, as was popular at the time, bought all black and stainless steel appliances. I loved the look of them, all sleek and shiny. We also had granite counter tops installed, in a very dark, speckled blue. In hindsight, or more accurately, in my nearsightedness, this was a bad choice for the kitchen. I’m blind as a bat anyway, and while I thought hiding the dirt was a good idea at first, I quickly realized it hid it so well, the health department might show up. The black stovetop is certainly great because you don’t see any burnt stuff on the burner... (more)

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Fellini Moments

By Blogger_babe32, published on Dec 2, 2009

If you have ever seen a Federico Fellini film you know that the hallmark of his work is the juxtaposition of seemingly out-of place people and things. They are not completely abstract, they just end up in these situations and that’s the genius of Fellini.

I have had a few of these moments in my life and sometimes I have been able to step back and reflect upon what I have just seen. More often than not I am delighted and amazed. I am sure there have been more, but I wasn’t able to recognize and appreciate them. Once you experience a Fellini moment, you start looking for them.

... (more)

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Degrees of Intelligence

By Blogger_babe32, published on Nov 28, 2009

Most of the other PhD’s I worked around were unbelievably brilliant but lacked, shall we say, common sense or any social graces. I used to say that they may have discover the hole in the ozone, but they couldn’t cross the street because they would get hit by a bus. My PhD friend had three grown children, and at the time my son was young so we often talked about parenting dilemmas and such as we ate lunch together.

I could never figure out why she was being so generous with her time in spending it with me. In retrospect, she may not have had a lot of choice. At that point in my life,... (more)

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My Own Personal Animal Farm.

By Blogger_babe32, published on Nov 22, 2009

I live on a farm, now bereft of livestock, but at one time we had three horses, one pony, four sheep, multiple chickens, geese, and the obligatory cats and dogs.  We also had a steer, named Brutus.  He was not named as in “et tu,” but for Brutus Beefcake the wrestler. I know, it’s sort of a literary double entendre, just wait, it gets better.

I also had a day job.  Farming is a lot of hard work for little or no money, and oddly, for even less food.  I guess we weren’t very good at it or maybe... (more)

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