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How to Impress your Audience with Mesmerizing Birthday Party

By Birthday Bless, published on Sep 16, 2014

The hosts try to come out with impeccable and breathtaking birthday ideas to impress and entertain the guests by incorporating mesmerizing birthday ideas.

Following points should be taken into consideration to create a spell bound effect on your guests:

• Themes: Corner the perfect theme for your party. Theme should not only be eye catchy but it should also be entertaining and appealing. In fact it should be such that the guests in the party get related with the theme easily and smoothly.

• Decorations: Decoration is the heart of any event. It is the first thing... (more)

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Growing Demand for Professional Birthday Party Planners?

By Birthday Bless, published on Sep 11, 2014

Parents find themselves in a not too happy place when it comes to guessing a child’s idea of a birthday party. A growing list of parents are happily passing the buck to professional birthday organisers.

Some of the advantages of professional party planners are listed below:

1)Stress free planning: When you have a party planner, the entire planning process is stress free. There is so mush to be done while organising a party. You have to research, plan, procure and confirm all elements required to have a successful party such as entertainers, decorations, venues etc. If... (more)

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Add Fun to Your Kid’s Birthday Party with Funny Games

By Birthday Bless, published on Aug 13, 2014

To keep them engaged and help them enjoy the party, you obviously need to make sure that interesting games and joyful activities are organized. So, now you know that what exactly is needed to do to make your child’s party a memorable celebration, you simply have to explain your requirements clearly to the solution provider.

The party planners are loaded with bundle of creative ideas. They bring a lot of options to lift the mood of party. You can choose from readymade options or get the party celebrations customized as per addition of your personal suggestions. Here are some of... (more)

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