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Still Single,still Alone

By Bev Raven, published on Oct 30, 2008

I am quickly approaching middleage as a single woman.

My concept of oneness is a reflection of my entirety.Lately,I am quite aware how I am comforted by my own silence.I abided by charge of "gag order" in my last relationship,thus gun shy to gamble with my heart again.

In dream, I too yearn for the presence of one's hand in mine, however what will the penalty be this time. As unity compares to one's solitude,the latter seems with more appeal at this moment.

Yet I am driven by the unwavering romantic facade that has been instilled by decades of passion for a glimpse into... (more)


To My Daughter...

By Bev Raven, published on Oct 28, 2008

I have a daughter named Jessica, she will be 22 in the spring.

I see her every other day,we just shared company yesterday.I always refer to her as my heart.It is because of her there is a beating in my chest!

I didn't want children. My belief at the time,prior to her entry into this world,was that we, our generaton and several before us have become corrupt in morality and grown ignorance in life, and have wreaked havoc on this planet, our society and our own basic lives.

We would be selfish and criminal to bring more children into this world for no other reason than to... (more)


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