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The Corliss Latest Home Security Gadgets

By Betina Burnett, published on Oct 25, 2014

Here are some of the latest home security gadgets available on the market today that prove the point:

1. A Virtual Lock

One of the smart home locks available in the market (as shown in the photo above) looks like any normal front-door bolt lock at first glance. But with a mere touch, it can unlock or lock the door using virtual keys, whether permanent or temporary. It can also monitor entries and exits into your home via remote control and transmit activity alerts using the Kevo app which is programmed for day-and-night cycles. Best of all, in case the lock fails to open electronically,... (more)

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Corliss Home Security: How to secure your home without spending too much

By Betina Burnett, published on Aug 19, 2014

We would not need fences, gates with locks, doors locks, window grills, CCTV cams, perimeter lighting, shotguns and baseball bats. The cost of maintaining these things can run up to the entire cost of building another room or, in some cases, a whole new house.

The rationale for home security is the same for national security. A nation maintains an army whether it has enemies or not; so, whether burglars will come or not, we have to prepare for the eventuality. Hence, we end up spending for something we might never put into the actual use it was intended for. You buy a pistol and when... (more)

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