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On The Road...again?

By benjamin, published on Feb 27, 2008

For me, the suburban experience is driving. I live in an island of a condominium complex strategically placed between two towns, just far enough that I can’t really walk to either. So driving it must be, to the store, to work, to the bar, everywhere. For a time I lived in a city and did not have a car, and honestly that is the fondest memory I have of that year. I would walk for days and just look around, or ride the bus or the train and keep up on what people were reading. There were strange characters making paper hats for the whole train car or crazy kids that were just released from... (more)

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On Male Enhancement Internet Marketing

By benjamin, published on Feb 15, 2008

My very unscientific research into the field of penis related advertising started when I was given the job to check my boss’s emails. She, yes she, would get multiple emails a day asking her if she wanted to increase the size of her penis by 1 to 4 inches (depending on the duration of time she stayed on the pills), or if she was tired of its flaccidity and wanted a boost she could get 70% off some pills. Once the hilarity of seeing these emails subsided I got to wonder a few things, and wished I could get some answers.

Who are these companies? As a male in my twenties it would... (more)


My Shawshank Reality

By benjamin, published on Feb 8, 2008

I could tell it was a Friday by the headache I had from Thursday night’s drinking and the denim on my lower body. I was in my normal Monday through Friday surrounding, three-and-a-half short walls in big room. My cubicle lacks personality, yet is mine. My stuff is laid out a certain way every day, my computer doesn’t move and various papers are on my wall. I am not completely sure what my coworkers do while they are in theirs but I am sure it is roughly the same as what I do in mine. Email, web-sites, some work here and there, and the rest of the time just alone to our thoughts.

... (more)

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