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Memo to critics of Augusta National: mind your own business

By bazzabear, published on Apr 18, 2012

The over blown row about the all-male Augusta National Golf Club generated almost as much editorial mileage here in the UK as the Masters' Championship staged there. Candidly, it gave me a pain where I should have pleasure: political correctness always has that effect on me. I tend to switch off when such misguided campaigners use major events to ride a fashionable hobby horse but in this instance, because golf is involved, a response is appropriate.

Doubtless I'll be contravening some newly-designated law or other and will probably find myself prosecuted or ostracised but, having... (more)

Tags: golf, the masters, augusta national, media criticism, all-male membership

Death and Corruption in the Lucky Country

By bazzabear, published on Jun 26, 2011

If there is an afterlife Juanita Nielsen will know that 35 years after her gruesome murder I’m still campaigning to expose the hired thugs of the Sydney Establishment who plotted her death, to see justice done, perhaps to bring peace to her tortured soul.

She may be aware, even though our association was journalistic and fleeting, that in all those years few days have passed when I haven’t thought of her. I hope she knows of the half a million or so words I’ve written about her death, of the demands for a judicial inquiry into it and of the questions all this has prompted in the... (more)

Tags: juanita nielsen, barry ward, kings cross, sydney, organised crime, police corruption, journalistic investigation, abduction, false arrest

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