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Suicide Hero or Victim 6,500 in 2006

By baynurse, published on Dec 5, 2007

The casualties of war are not just happening in Iraq, they are happening right here at home. The number of soldiers returning from battle and committing suicide is appalling, staggering numbers, 6,500 suicide deaths in 2006. Different sources have different numbers, nonetheless, it is happening, and this is news.

Post traumatic stress, major depression, and guilt from killing people we have more in common with than not. Our young men and women, I mean young, in their 20's, some younger, are being told to kill people, it's their job, it'ss their duty. While we label suicide bombers... (more)

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Tales From A Nurse

By baynurse, published on Dec 2, 2007

After 22 years of working with sick and tired, and homeless , jailed, disabled, abused, addicted, dying, psychotic, suicidal, , monolingual, tourists, travelers, junkies, runaways, rejected ,needy, kind, generous, smart, funny,, happy, fabulous, teachers, angels, friends and co-workers.. I quit. I reluctantly but adamantly leave my job and my career as a nurse for my own health and sanity and persuit of happiness. I aint gonna work here no more! AT 44 years old, I am much to young to collect retiremet, but if I stay there I will never be old enough. I did it long enough,... (more)


Can't Give What You Don't Have

By baynurse, published on Dec 2, 2007

Love is a 4 letter word, loaded with energy and meaning. It doesn't need any adjectives, I love you VERY much, I love you unconditionally, I will always love you. Love doesn't need adjectives, love just is. Love is given, shown, felt, known. Love is love. Love is charged with emmotions, guilt, fear, insecurity. That's why we can't let go sometimes, because we confuse love with needing , fearing, wanting. I too am romantic, I too fear losing love, I too have desires and needs in this human body. I want to rise above it all, become about pure love, for everyone. We all need and want love,... (more)



By baynurse, published on Nov 16, 2007

We have choices, everyday, we have choices, we can choose to ignore things and situations we see or we can choose to make a difference by asking , what can I do to help. The other day I passed car on the side of the road, obviously broken down, with a mother and her children in it. Many cars passed her by, ignoring or passing the situation. I drove by, I am not a mechanic by any means, nor do I know anything about cars , I decided to stop anyway, just to offer help, if she had it under control, I could move on, knowing I tried. Her car was broken down, they were about 7 blocks from home,... (more)


Truth Is....

By baynurse, published on Nov 15, 2007

We were born perfect. We were born without an ego, without a sense of who we are . We begin to form our ego by those around us, our parents, are the first to instill in us our sense of who we are , who we are to become by the words they tell us and by the way they mirror who we are. The judgments begin, we are told how to behave as boys or girls, we are given a set of values and behaviors that as a child we accept and comply to please those who we view as people who love us or don’t love us. We continue our growth process by listening to those who have power and authority over us and take... (more)

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The Word Is

By baynurse, published on Nov 5, 2007

The Word is…. Powerful, it can create with one sentence. I AM . It can destroy with one sentence, You Are… We abuse this power with our intentions. Our intentions of putting down, shaming, punishing, degrading those who we do not agree with or understand. Being impeccable with our word is not easy, we have our sources of shame and fear that make us believe what we have been told, what we have heard, what we hear with repetition, from people we are supposed to trust, honor and obey. As children, we are born pure without ego and sense of self. We are born only with the image of those outside... (more)


We Have Choices

By baynurse, published on Nov 2, 2007

California, we all laugh about it’s earthquake history and earthquake potential for cracking our homes like an egg. The recent homeless in Southern California lost their homes and belongings in a matter of moments. Would it be too much to ponder the possibility of living in a trailer home? A mobile home? How gross! No way you say? I need my 3200 square foot monster of a house ….well, because I just do, the kids are gone, I’m too tired to entertain visitors, I eat out more often I just don’t want to clean up, I have sooooo many things, I need a place to put them….. And so on. Well,... (more)

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We Are All Equal

By baynurse, published on Nov 2, 2007

We are all equal. If you think you are perfect then treat others as perfect. If you think you are flawed, then you will treat others as flawed. Even the thief is perfect, it is his behavior which is not. How can we create a world of peace if we cannot even be peaceful to ourselves. We bomb our bodies with toxic substances from the lead and chlorine in the water we drink, to lead and carbon monoxide in the air we breathe. We pollute our bodies, our minds, and our hearts with toxins, and then find blame in others. As children, we had to accept and comply, we now hopefully as a adults have... (more)

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I'm just a soul whose intentions are good......

By baynurse, published on Nov 1, 2007

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood. As a writer and performer in which I perform my writing. I am consistently being watched, judged and seen by the public. Whether it is on stage or on paper or on the internet. I am questioned about what I say, how I think, what I mean. What is my goal, my purpose, my agenda. Hell , I don’t know, I just writes, I just thinks, I just acts. My intention is to create, entertain, awaken thoughts and ideas and to help people laugh and look at how funny things are. Most things are not funny, it is all... (more)


What Do You See?

By baynurse, published on Oct 31, 2007

What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a man or a woman, I don’t really conform to any of the expected attributes or behaviors of either. You ask my age, does it matter? Am I too old? Too young? For what? Do you ask what I do for a living? Does it matter? My abilities, my gifts, my talents, my wisdom, my behavior, my beliefs, does that matter to you? Where do I live? In a house? In a car? On the streets? In my head? What do you care? You don’t live with me. Would you like me and want to know me if I was poor, unattractive, sick, lonely, tired, uneducated, different than... (more)

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