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What Else I Learned In Jail -tales Of A Nurse

By baynurse, published on Jul 3, 2009

What would I suggest to those in charge of keeping the status quo?   Putting people in prisons, has not made a difference in crime other than possibly increasing it, sophisticating it, and running out of room in prisons to house, feed, and medically take care of inmates, who are not changing their behaviors that got them in prison or jail in the first place.  So what can be done differently?

Here is what I see... the price of  a six pack of cheap beer is about 5 dollars, a good movie is about 10 dollars and only lasts a little over an hour, an eighth of an ounce of marijuana is about... (more)

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What I Learned In Jail-tales Of A Nurse

By baynurse, published on Jun 30, 2009

I am not here to share statistics or number games, they are useless to reality in my opinion. What I have seen working in the jails in SF is more alarming than any statistician could ever come up with. The realities of what goes on in jail and who goes in to jail is barbaric. I worked both women's jail and men's jail, for over 3 years.

A hostile environment full of anger, hate, and ignorance. A place that would easily lose face in comparison to a zoo, or a dog pound, at least some keepers actually like the animals they care for.

A jail is a smelly, loud, hostile, energetically... (more)

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Briiliant Artist Who Loved Children, Or Crazy Pedophile?

By baynurse, published on Jun 26, 2009

I have many times thought of Michael Jackson as a brilliant and gifted artist. Since his childhood he was a superstar and gifted talent. As brilliant as he was, he had so many accusations and cruel jokes aimed at him. Was he crazy, eccentric, perverted, confused, comical, abused and traumatized into insanity. How many of us, have every think in our lives scrutinized to the point of having our garbage looked at. How many of us have been so rich and so famous that a simple day outside your door was impossible or stolen from you. what freedom did he have to live a life of what we call normal and... (more)

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The Bare Bones Of A Backache

By baynurse, published on Mar 3, 2009

How common is a backache, or how many folks claim back injury.

As an urgent care nurse, the numberof backaches as a chief complaint was stifling and a daily episode in our urgent care center.

The Doctors, Who merely did a pee test to rule out kidney involvement, a neurological exam to rule out disc involvement and ended up prescribing Ibuprofen in large doses till the back pain miraculously, hopefully disappeared on its own or the ibuprofen caused a gastric bleed, seemed helpless when it came to this epidemic yet too often dismissed ailment.

Well, it took for me... (more)


Coffee Klatch For Gaza: Calgon Take Me Away

By baynurse, published on Feb 24, 2009

For $10, you can purchase one of these baskets, to be hand-delivered to a woman in Gaza for International Women's Day. The baskets will contain vitamins, first-aid materials, and food items, but also sweet-smelling soaps and shampoos, a beautiful pink head scarf, sweets and tea.

Click here to buy one gift basket


My thought is that the women of Gaza, who not only have no food, water, or medical supplies, are holding their husbands, family, and their children in their arms, some with gunshots to the neck and head and chest. Some dead, or dying with... (more)


Housing The Homeless: "oprahood"

By baynurse, published on Feb 22, 2009

Houses are in foreclosure, banks are glutted with their repossed houses they overloaned on, and paying huge taxes on unsellable houses. Some are even going for under a thousand dollars, albeit in Detroit Michigan, but hey, smell the opportunity to recreate Detroit. If Oprah bought 40 houses, and loaned or rented them cheaply to screened families untill they could afford to buy them from her, or were able to make ends meet, then she could start OPRAHHOOD. A community of Oprahphiles, good folks who are in hard times. Say she buys them a home, she keeps the title, so if they are unethical or use... (more)


Lesbian Group Promoting Violence And Racism In Sf

By baynurse, published on Feb 21, 2009


The Women's leather BDSM group plans to have Race-Play to unleash the hidden monster of racism claiming it is releasing the taboo of Racism and our hidden fantasies around race.

I am writing in regards to the ridiculous notion that acting out one's fantasy of racism in sex has any merit or positive outcomes. It is just wrong, to immerse oneself in the area of sexualizing and allowing racist scenes for the benefit of one's sexual or psyche's needs is proposterous. It is damaging the years and LIVES given for ending racism. It is encouraging it... (more)

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President Obama Is Not Cho Mama

By baynurse, published on Feb 7, 2009

President Obama is not going to clean our house, do our homework, or save our planet. We have to take responsiblility for our own actions and behaviors. There ain't no BAIL OUT PLAN for mother earth. She is all that we have, one earth, one planet. Take care of her or lose her. Ifwe like this planet and wish to remain on it, or plan to leave it for our children. Thenwe better take care of it. If you collect antiques, you know the well taken care of ones are more valuable, same as this planet, take care of her and her value will continue for eons more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, yes it can... (more)

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Got Jobs? Where To Find Work.

By baynurse, published on Feb 7, 2009

Where to find work, prostitutes seem to know where to gather to attract paying costumers looking for what they need. Latin men with construction skills figured out Home depot was a good way to find such folks in need of a handy person. Well, I don’t need construction work or a sexual favor, but I do need other types of assistance. I need some help with some technical computer stuff. I wish I could drive in front of Comp USA and find a techie looking for work. I need help with so many gadgets that I could employ a techie for a week I am sure. Having a wedding? All the help you need... (more)


The Obama Rap Song

By baynurse, published on Jan 20, 2009

Save the drama for your mama‘Cuz my president’s ObamaI would have suffered trauma If a freaky hockey mamaWould have been the selectionOf another rigged electionMaking babie's what she doesHer fashion's all the buzzSpending bout 150kYour tax dollars went to paywith grandbaby on the way[Pause]Hunting bears and moose and duckLotsa guns up in her truckAnd 5 babies run a muck[Pause]I’ll continue on my rant,Cuz McCain should be McCan’tHe knows how to choose his womenCuz in money he be swimminObama’s baby’s mamaSportin class and not dramaShowing us and all the world... (more)

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