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Non -Toxic Oil Absorbing Clay That Works Under Water Might Solve Oil Leak

By baynurse, published on Jun 1, 2010

Sodium Bentonite, is a clay made up of volcanic ash, it has many uses, one of which is absorbing oil and fat, another is used to create a seal for underwater ponds and wells. I am not an engineer by any means, but I would imagine that this is at least a possible treatment for lets say..... an oil leak under the ocean.

Calcium Bentonite or Sodium bentonite, both work as clay that expands and absorbs and like clay hardens like clay so it is used to seal ponds, wells, and is also used as an internal detox, and as a clay mask to remove toxins from the skin.

The mechanism is simple,... (more)

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The Most Patriotic Person I Have Ever Met - Is From Iran

By baynurse, published on Mar 22, 2010

The most patriotic person I have ever met is a woman who comes from Iran.

I recently met an Iranian woman who was held prisoner, tortured mercilessly and brutally by her captors for five years in her home country, but now lives in the United States teaching classes at a community college. She holds community study groups about the Quran and Islam, is kind, generous, and gracious to everyone she meets, and speaks so highly of the United States that it makes me reexamine my own feelings of patriotism.

This woman, I will call her Mary, is a delightful teacher, writer, painter, and... (more)


Internet Dating Disaster: A True Story

By baynurse, published on Dec 10, 2009

A woman in her mid 40's, meets a nice chap on line from London. They talk, laugh and maybe even cybersex a bit. They regularly meet on line for some exchange and begin to ponder meeting in person. An adventure sounds fun, promising a London excursion and bedroom adventures, she decides to purchase a round trip ticket to London to meet Mr. Hottie at the Airport in London.

He never showed up...

Today I received a 4 am phone call, my freind is frantic, scared, and in a panic over her situation, her purse has been snatched by a kid on the streets of London, her bank account is overdrawn,... (more)


Do You Hate To Need Those You Need To Hate?

By baynurse, published on Aug 13, 2009

"I just love the  Mexicans, they are such hard workers." Those hard working Mexicans, we like them when they clean our houses, serve our food, wash our cars, who cares that they have no rights to health care or education, or any legal rights at all in the land that was stolen from their ancestors, by our predecessors.

Gays and lesbians, sure they can fight in our wars, and die for this country, as long as they don't speak about or acknowledge their love for each other.  No rights for them though, cuz I refuse to allow their love to exist.  Fighting for the rights of those who oppress... (more)

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An Experiment That Would Make A Difference

By baynurse, published on Jul 28, 2009

Lead found in the water we drink and the air we breathe, resonates with prejudice, I am talking about the prejudice in ourselves.  Lead also contributes to the decreased intelligence and health of those with even a small amount of it in their system.  Chlorine, used to clean our water, resonates with anger.  Would you drink chlorine?  It is in the water we drink.

The food we provide for inmates in jail is nothing short of appalling, high in fat, salt, empty carbohydrates, and high in toxic additives, and low in nutrition.  The water in jails is full of lead and chlorine, some jails allow... (more)

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Jobs Available: The Aliens Are Leaving

By baynurse, published on Jul 27, 2009

Another result of the ripple effect of the Bush-Laden economy is that undocumented workers can no longer find work enough to sustain their meager existence here, and still send money to support their land, homes, and families that wait for them to return.

So now there are many jobs that they took from the American's available.

Now you too can enjoy the hot summer sun on your back while you pick the seasonal fruit by hand, forget even trying to keep the scratches and bug bites clean, just keep working, because this job only pays for the work you do.

Like children?... (more)

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Health Care Re-form By A Patient/nurse

By baynurse, published on Jul 23, 2009

In my 22 year career as an RN, I can look back and truly say, I have NEVER, seen anyone heal. That's right, NEVER! Oh the doctors were wonderful, the nures were some of teh best, but Wetern medicine is.. well...ineffective at best, more harming than good, and really just a business based, profit run, greed monger with the false advertizing of health care. Oh boy, I am really calling the emperor nekkid, here~!

Let me splain, Lucy. In today's world of progress, and inovation, and brilliance, we are an unhealthy, duped bunch of consumers. Promises of health, better living through chemicals,... (more)

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What Is Beauty?

By baynurse, published on Jul 11, 2009

The beauty you hold is the essence of your whole being. The gifts of the unseen, the essence of what is felt and known by a few who take the time to see what is real and lasting. The radiant nature of love and truth is the grace in which it is projected. The way you project yourself is your shining glory. Your dedication, devotion, and attention to detail in all you do shows the passion in your heart, mind and soul for the highest good. Your ability to imagine the possibilities of happiness and true lasting joy brings the gifts you have been given to light. Limitless abundance and endless joy... (more)


What Is Love?

By baynurse, published on Jul 10, 2009

I asked my mother, What is love?  She said, A mother is love.

I said, what if you die? does love die too?

I asked my friend, What is love? She said it is when we feel each other even when we are far apart.  I said, but you live far away, you are busy all the time with your job, your family your other interests...  She said, yea, but sometimes love is like that.

I asked God, what is love?  He said, I AM LOVE.  I asked, so how do I know your love?

He said, I gave you my Sun.   She is a powerful, bright, constant source of warmth and light.   She was the first of my... (more)

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Called To A Higher Calling?

By baynurse, published on Jul 5, 2009

Oh dear, here comes Sarah.   Gramma Sarah Palin is all growd up now, she wont talk on CNN, but hear all about on Facebook and Twitter. Hmm if Facebook is for Faces, then Twitter must be for twits.  I am twitterpaited to hear that Mrs. Palin, has a higher calling, she could not handle Alaska's problems, her personal problems, or her family problems, she spoke like a baffoon in her vice presidential run, which she thankfully lost to an amazingly brilliant man.  Yea, like I see Sarah P. making choices about Iran, Gaza, China, coups, Pirates, health care, the economy....   Miss Palin, who cleans... (more)

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