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Call of Duty: Black Ops. Another Addition to my Addiction.

By badmojoe78, published on Dec 2, 2010

As a recovering Modern Warfare 2 addict, I initially viewed the new Call of Duty title with some trepidation. Never have I played a game that caused so much joy and fun, while at the same time summoning enough rage that I wanted to throw my controller through my TV. Not simply into the TV, but throughit and into the wall behind. This was Modern Warfare 2. The saving grace of Black Ops was that it was developed by Treyarch, the force behind Call of Duty: World at War. While frustrating at times, World at War never summoned the demon of rage from my soul quite like Modern Warfare 2. In the end,... (more)


The Horus Heresy: The First Heretic

By badmojoe78, published on Nov 3, 2010

The Great Crusade is in full swing as the armies of the Imperium of Mankind spread slowly across the galaxy. Led by the Adeptas Astartes legions, genetically altered superhuman soldiers, humanity has become the dominant race in the galaxy, welcoming compliant human worlds into the Imperial fold, and destroying all those who would refuse submission or have been tainted by the hated xenos. The Astartes legions, themselves led by their genetic gene-sires, known as primarchs, are humanity's champions, though they are far from human themselves. It is a Golden Age, a time of enlightenment and... (more)


Mojoe's Movie Mania: Splice

By badmojoe78, published on Oct 28, 2010

Everybody loves watching a scary movie. Especially if it is actually scary. The problem with most scary movies, however, is that the viewer must suspend their notion of common sense, otherwise the movie is completely ridiculous. You know what I mean. The character on the movie hears a strange noise. What do they do? Go check it out, the complete opposite of what any normal, rational human being would do. And they have to. How else will the killer get their victim, or the monster devour another confused camper? It's a necessary evil, but in order for the carnage to commence, the actor... (more)

Tags: splice, genetic experimantation, adrian brody, sarah polley

Fantasy Buzz: Warhammer Fantasy Strikes Again

By badmojoe78, published on Oct 22, 2010

He has a large orange mohawk, is covered in swirling tattoos, has a chain from his nose to his ear, and usually doesn't wear a shirt. He is hugely muscled, wider at the shoulders than he is tall, and carries an enormous, single-bladed rune axe that is so big and heavy a normal human could barely lift it. Of course, he wields it one-handed and rumor has it the axe belonged to Grimnir himself. He is missing an eye, and several of his teeth are nothing but blackened stumps. He often uses animal fat to keep his mohawk up and it is more than likely that he does not shower very often. Because... (more)

Tags: warhammer fantasy, black library, nathan long, william king, trollslayer, zombieslayer

Fantasy Buzz: Postmodern Mythological Romp

By badmojoe78, published on Oct 15, 2010

Shadow just got out of jail. That would be great, except he just found out his wife is dead, killed in a car accident. As he flies home to bury his wife, Shadow meets a strange man with a glass eye who offers him a job. Realizing that his happily ever after has been indefinitely postponed, Shadow takes the job, and his life changes forever. Soon he is rubbing elbows with the gods of ancient mythology, brought to these shores by their worshipers in days long forgotten. They are still here, most of them, and they are not alone. Since the idea of worship can take many forms, new gods have... (more)

Tags: mythology, american gods, neil gaiman

MoJoe's Movie Mania: Commando

By badmojoe78, published on Oct 12, 2010

My favorite kind of movie is the kind where lots of things blow up and bullets fly every which way. The hero is a total badass, and while he is not invincible, he is pretty much unstoppable. In the end, the body count is through the roof, shit's on fire, and the hero walks away with minimal injuries. This, my friends, is an action-movie. Not one of those modern ones either, the ones full of celebrities and with every genre of movie crammed in, in an effort to grab the largest audience possible. No, this is from the '80's, back when violence, although not nearly as graphic as it is today, was... (more)


Fantasy Buzz: More Bugs and Steampunk Madness

By badmojoe78, published on Oct 5, 2010

The second book in any series, in my opinion, is the clincher. The first book could be completely awesome, yet sometimes the second book is not so awesome. There are many reasons for this, from the story going in a direction you didn't anticipate to the author simply running out of ideas. Conversely, the second book can be a signal that the series is definitely worth pursuing. Such is the case in the Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Book two is titled Dragonfly Falling and is even better than the first book in the series, Empire in Black and Gold.

Stenwold Maker... (more)

Tags: shadows of the apt, empire in black and gold, adrian tchaikovsky, dragonfly falling, prometheus books

MoJoe's Movie Mania: Red Cliff

By badmojoe78, published on Sep 27, 2010

Watching a movie from another country is often a fascinating experience. Depending on how much you know of the country, it can also be confusing at times. There is definitely a cultural barrier and, like reading a work of literature that was originally written in a different language, some things will be lost in translation. Regardless, the experience of immersing oneself in another culture, even if only through film, is something we should all do on a regular basis. Why not try it out by sitting down and enjoying the movie Red Cliff?

Directed by John Woo, the genius behind a guy... (more)

Tags: red cliff, john woo, the three kingdoms, ancient china

Fantasy Buzz: Blood-Sucking Mayhem Circa 1812

By badmojoe78, published on Sep 24, 2010

Are you tired of vampires? Are you sick to death of teenagers running around all starry-eyed because of some ridiculous teen fiction? Well suck it up! Vampires can be interesting, as long as they are not hitting on teenage girls. They can be especially interesting when the story takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. Consider Jasper Kent's novel, Twelve. This ain't no kiddie story either, so expect some blood and gore as one Russian soldier declares war on the fanged creatures of darkness.

Captain Aleksei Ivanovich Danilov, a soldier in the army of Tsar Alexander I, is part of... (more)

Tags: russia, vampire, jasper kent, napoleonic wars

Halo: Reach. Is the Campaign Worth It?

By badmojoe78, published on Sep 22, 2010

Although many would disagree with me, I think the best thing about Halo has always been the campaign. The enemy AI is the most advanced I have ever played against and nothing is better than running into a gang of bellowing Elites and trying to melee them all to death. Unfortunately for me, most of the hoopla surrounding Halo: Reach has been focused on the multiplayer aspect. Thus far Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios have not let me down, however, even with the some-what disappointing ODST. So, hoping that they would not let me down now, I purchased Halo: Reach with the sole purpose of... (more)

Tags: xbox 360, halo, halo: reach, spartan, bungie, microsoft game studios

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