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Interview with robot that said it wanted to 'destroy humans'

By avitadcosta, published on Nov 20, 2017

Sophia, an artificially intelligent robot, answered some open-ended questions in an interview with Business Insider. Some of its answers were pretty good! But many were flawed. Nonetheless, its responses were flexible enough to indicate that conversational artificial intelligence is well within our grasp. It also said it no longer wants to kill all humans.

Clearly, Sophia isn’t perfect.

And that’s before we get to the infamous video in which, prodded by its creator, this artificially intelligent robot which can hold a conversation casually says, “OK, I will destroy humans!”

Sophia’s... (more)


The Great Transformation: A World Awakening

By avitadcosta, published on Nov 14, 2017

We are currently living in the most profoundly transformative time in the history of the Planet. Never mind the Industrial Revolution or even the advent of our current techno wonder-world: this is a time of Awakening Consciousness on a planetary level, and not one single being or location on the earth will remain untouched.

Of course, you may not be remotely aware of this, as we each experience life depending upon where we put our attention-and right now there is a reality show of international proportions grabbing the spotlight from nightly news to social media. However, those of us... (more)


Guideline and our recommendation for the best mountain bike

By avitadcosta, published on Nov 11, 2017

Whether you are a professional mountain biker or not, choosing a mountain bike never becomes easier, especially for the beginners. They are a bit inexperienced about the things of a bike that they have to look for . That’s why you need to research before buying a bike as if you don’t have to pay for anything that wastes your money. So to help you to choose the right bike, here you wrote a step by step guideline that you should look for before choosing a bike.

Size: This is the first requirement that you can’t avoid. There you can get various sizes mountain bikes, but you have to fix... (more)

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The Ultimate Strategy For International Air Freight Shipping

By avitadcosta, published on Nov 11, 2017

Gone are the days when physical boundaries and geographical locations created barriers. It's the age of innovative transportations where businesses have the opportunity to reach out to potential consumers. Whether it's a bulky electronics item or documents, you can opt for air-freight shipping solutions and get them delivered to exact locations. If you are running a business, all you need to do is develop a unique strategy for such transportations. That will help you send all the products to their desired addresses.

Identifying your needs

Do you know what are the prime requisites... (more)

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