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Parliament of the World's Religions ( Melbourne 2009)

By aussiekeith, published on Nov 17, 2009

Here Comes UBIEE for 2009 World’s Religion Parliament.The participation of UBIEE in 2009 World’s Religion Parliament is,very Special for the humanity as the world is going to see, something,they have never been seen before. UBIEE the global leader in Environmental Education,has been working for many years to save our planet Earth,from Global Warming and its commitment for a cleaner air,leaves no words to describe contribution to the great cause,for humanity and the other spices habituating our Planet Earth.The FUTURO-Plan, will be the highlight for the the 2009 World’s Religion Parliament.... (more)

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Earth Hour 2008 A Global Movement.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 25, 2008

Keith Rankin. In the early hours March the 19th a large, earth hour hot air balloon, could be seen floating above Sydney Harbour, reminding people, to switch off for the environment.

Earth Hour organisers anticipate, millions of people around Australia will turn off their lights for an hour on March 29 to raise awareness about global warming.

The 32-metre high balloon, shaped like an environmentally-friendly light-bulb, floated over Garden Island at 7.30am to help raise awareness about energy efficient lighting.

This year, Earth Hour will go... (more)

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History Was Made On March The 1st 2008.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 17, 2008

I am slowly changing my email address over to this new system as I see great benefits from using the system. I would like to present you with my report after using this system, as a beta tester for quite some time, which is mentioned in my report below. I also want to add, this system is not free as it does come, with a small fee and I also need to add that there is no financial reward for myself, in sharing this report, as this company, does not have an affiliate rewards system as such, however I will share more about the company goals and mission statements, if requested, in a future, publication.... (more)

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Teenage Suicide. What Can We Do To Assist.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 15, 2008

Essay from Keith Rankin. Subject Youth Suicide is it out of control and if so why?

Intro Section.

Suicide is the second highest cause of death of young people aged between 15 and 24 in Australia at this time. For every completed suicide, there are often between 20 and 100 attempts that are attempted. However many are successful after only one attempt.

In economical terms, adolescent suicides cost over $100 million per year to the Australian Economy. By researching information on the internet and reading four books I have attempted to briefly summarise why this is happening... (more)

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