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7 Common Household Insects

By Ashley Fino, published on Nov 8, 2014

Insects aren't something that someone might have heard in the biology class; they are present everywhere around us. Some we can see, some we cannot but they are around. There are over 6 to 10 million species of insects over the world and out of those nearly 1.5 million have been named. And out of those most common insects found in the household are:

7. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be found in almost every home. There over 5000 species of cockroaches and four common species are American, German, Oriental and Asian with different characteristics.

·Over 5 million children... (more)

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Know How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Home

By Ashley Fino, published on Oct 9, 2014

We all had that experience where we are having a barbeque with our friends and a mosquito bite leaves our skin all itchy and red and some of them can be really deadly and are carrier of many diseases and infections.

Mosquitoes are nasty creatures. Because of their small size, most people will ignore the fact that they can actually be really dreadful and unpleasant insects. One must get rid of those mosquitoes and find out the best mosquito control system for their problem. Clearly, mosquitoes not only cause nuisance but they’re also potentially dangerous. Mosquito control helps to get... (more)

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Keep Your Surroundings Pest Free

By Ashley Fino, published on May 5, 2014

Effective pest control plays a significant role now-a-days. Huge buildings are being are being constructed for either commercial purpose or as housing complexes. Along with that pest infestation is also mounting up as serious problem. It is extremely difficult to keep these structures free from the invasion.

But does this form means only insects and rodents or categorically only animals? No, not really. They are any living organisms that are inimical to humans and other human concerns. Thus they include not just insects and rodents but also, microbes, fungi and weeds. These vermin invade... (more)


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