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MyDeathSpace, in loving memory of our friends

By Ariel, published on Sep 14, 2006

MySpace - "the place for friends" - has quickly become a huge phenomenon in the Internet landscape. This website launched in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe has welcomed its 100 millionth user in August 2006. This humongous user base makes it one of the largest community ever on the Internet. It is usually very interesting to browse through all these users, your friends, and your friends' friends, and read a little about their lives. You will sometimes learn from their MySpace things never actually told you in real life. These pages live with their authors, they are a mirror of their... (more)

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The man who wanted to get sued

By Ariel, published on Sep 10, 2006

This is the story of a man who wanted to get sued. Jason Fortuny, a 30 year old network administrator, defines himself as a man who knows how "to push people's buttons". He unfortunately probably pressed a bunch of wrong ones in his latest experiment which results he posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica, a spin-off of Wikipedia. He posted on Seattle's craigslist a fake ad pretending to be a woman interested in BDSM sex. He received tons of answers, with pictures, cell phone numbers and all sorts of personal information. Interestingly, several of the individuals who contacted him were pretty high... (more)

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Paris Hilton can't drink

By Ariel, published on Sep 7, 2006

Paris Hilton was arrested this morning at 1am and charged with driving under the influence. She was spotted by LAPD officers driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR in a very erratic way. Her publicist Eliott Mintz told the press that she only had one drink - a margarita - before leaving a charity event she was attending in Hollywood. She was taken to the Hollywood police station after she blew a .08. She was released an hour and a half later. I guess when you weigh 110lb, you'd better drink martini by the spoon rather than a full glass. Cheers! (more)

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A taxi in Bucharest

By Ariel, published on Sep 6, 2006

After a 10 hour flight from LA to Paris, a missed connection, and another 3 hour flight from Paris to Bucharest, here I am now in the capital of Romania. Unfortunately, my luggage decided not to come with me and stayed in Paris. Probably hanging out on the Champs Elysees drinking wine, I thought. How shallow. Anyways, they told me at the airport that it would be brought to my hotel the day after, which of course didn't happen. I therefore decided to go get it myself. The taxi appointed by my hotel to drive me to the airport and get my luggage back arrived in less than 5 minutes. I quickly... (more)

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Flying out from LAX today, not much has changed

By Ariel, published on Sep 2, 2006

I'm flying out from LAX today, for the first time since the terrorist attack was foiled by the British police earlier this month. This triggered a whole new set of security measures forbidding any liquids in carry-on luggages, further tightening the security checks at the airport. I arrived 3 hours before my flight as advised by the travel agency. The line for baggage check-in was pretty long and somewhat out of control as I was expecting on this 3 day labor day weekend. However everything went pretty smoothly for me at least, but it seemed like the limitations in terms of baggage weight... (more)

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Did anyone get stabbed in your backyard?

By Ariel, published on Sep 1, 2006

Do you think your neighborhood is safe? You may be wrong...

But at least, you now have the means to figure it out very quickly and in real-time. LAPD provides web users with up-to-date crime statistics for your area. Just type in your address, click 'submit' and that's it! You can now see a map decorated with colorful dots: red for burglary, orange for violent robbery, green for rape, yellow for homicide... Crime statistics have never been so fun! The website let you choose a mile radius, a date range, and a few seconds later the map is populated with data from the LAPD database.

... (more)

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Elijah Wood on Main Street

By Ariel, published on Aug 28, 2006

Elijah Wood was seen yesterday on Main Street and Marine in Venice, in front of Via Venito, an Italian restaurant, around 10pm. A group of about 10 people was gathered around him and he was chatting with them and seemed very friendly. It was unclear if they were friends or just fans of Frodo, the hobbit of the Lord of the Rings. He looked really down to earth and laid back, not really Hollywood style "I'm-better-than-everyone-and-I'm-gonna-show-it", which is much appreciated. I was expecting him to be very short, but I guess he is actually much taller than a hobbit. I was also expecting... (more)

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Only Revolutions

By Ariel, published on Aug 22, 2006

Six years have passed since The House Of Leaves, written by Mark Z. Danielewski, was published. This amazing novel, ignoring all the conventions of classical literature, quickly became a cult favorite. By using different page layouts, fonts, long footnotes, and even footnotes inside of footnotes, Mark Z. Danielewski took his readers into a labyrinth, his "house of leaves", from which you could only escape by turning the book upside down, literally. His work has been described as a "satire of academic criticism" and an "existentialist horror novel" by various critics. Danielewski, a USC alumni,... (more)

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Review: World Trade Center

By Ariel, published on Aug 18, 2006

I saw World Trade Center by Oliver Stone last Friday at the Loews Marina on Maxella Ave. I was quite excited about seeing this movie because I usually like Oliver Stone's movies and I was very curious to see what he would do with such a sensitive topic. Unlike most of my friends I found the trailers pretty promising and it's for this reason that I dragged my reluctant girlfriend to the theater to make my own opinion. My first surprise was to see that the theater was rather empty for a first Friday night and a movie dealing with 9/11 starring Nicolas Cage. Anyways, on to the actual movie. The... (more)

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2 reporters from Fox kidnapped in Gaza

By Ariel, published on Aug 14, 2006

A reporter and a cameraman from Fox have been kidnapped today in Gaza masked Palestinian gunmens. The major Palestinian militant groups all denied any involvement in this abduction. It is not the first time that foreign journalists are kidnapped in the Palestinian territories. In exchange of their freedom, terrorist groups usually demand that some of their militants are released from Israeli jails. All foreigners kidnapped in the past have been freed without harm soon after their abduction. Three Israeli soldiers are still held by Hizbollah and Hamas. No news of their condition have been... (more)


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