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BrooWaha New York launches

By Ariel, published on Feb 14, 2007

Dear Readers, It is my great pleasure to announce that your very own Broowaha is launching a New York edition and welcoming new contributors from the New York area! The new website for BrooWaha New York is: As a visitor from BrooWaha Los Angeles, you have access to most features on BrooWaha New York. You can read articles, leave comments, send messages, etc... The main restriction on visitors is that they can only publish articles in their city of origin. However, please feel free to browse the New York edition and support your fellow contributors from the east... (more)

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Interview with Glenn Koenig, Photographer for the LA Times

By Ariel, published on Feb 11, 2007

When the LA Times was working on an article about our very own BrooWaha a few months ago, I had the chance to meet Glenn Koenig, one of their Staff Photographers, when he came to my house to take my picture. Because I have always had a passion for photojournalism, I had a great time observing Glenn at work. I was able to chat with him during the shoot and acquire a few photography tips! We kept in touch and he gracefully accepted to grant BrooWaha an interview and share his thoughts on photography and the state journalism today. The interview is reproduced below: When did you become... (more)

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LAPD chopper in Venice

By Ariel, published on Feb 2, 2007

An LAPD chopper has been circling around at a very low altitude in the area of Rose Ave and 4th in Venice for over 30 minutes now. It started around 9:30 pm. Not sure what they are looking for, but they seem to have trouble finding it. It's pretty impressive to see, but makes it very difficult to sleep. I did my best to take a picture of it with very poor lighting conditions. UPDATE: the chopper just left at 10:15 p.m. (more)


A day at Photo LA 2007

By Ariel, published on Jan 21, 2007

Photo LA 2007, the 16th International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition, runs until tonight at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I got there yesterday around 2.30 pm and there was a rather long line of photo aficionados waiting to get their tickets. If you decide to go today, expect to wait 15 to 20 minutes before getting in. The 1-day pass costs $20. Over 60 exhibitors showcase their artwork in this very rich and diverse exposition. From vintage black and white to multi-layered experimental arrangements, photo la 2007 is a great immersion in the world of artistic photography. Visitors... (more)

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Why 81? Tomorrow in Venice

By Ariel, published on Jan 20, 2007

Having regular shoes is not hip anymore; to be cool you have to own the pair that only you and a happy few have. Limited edition shoes are all the fuss lately, and all the major brands know it. WHY81, presented by Nike Basketball, is both a contest and a celebration. A celebration of what you may ask? January 22nd 2007 will mark the one year anniversary of a major event in the history of basketball. A year ago, on January 22nd 2006, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a game opposing his team, the LA Lakers, and the Toronto Raptors. His point total in that game is second in NBA history only to... (more)

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Photo L.A. coming up in Santa Monica

By Ariel, published on Jan 12, 2007

The sixteenth annual Los Angeles Photographic Print Exposition will take place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium from January 18-21, 2007. If you are into photography, another exhibition is still running at the Getty Center until February 25th: "Where We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Collection" The Photo L.A. exposition is organized by Artfairs, inc. which was created to "help expand the arts community in Los Angeles, and in particular to propel the thriving regional art scene onto the international radar." Looks like it is a success: "Over the course of fifteen... (more)

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BrooWaha nominated for the 2006 City Nerd Awards!

By Ariel, published on Jan 3, 2007

BrooWaha Los Angeles has been nominated by LA City Nerd for the 2006 City Nerd Award in the City Project category! The polls close at 11:59pm on January 15th, so be sure to go to and vote for your favorite website! Don't forget to tell all your friends and family to do so too ;-) LA City Nerd is a very cool website described as follows by the Nerd himself: To say Los Angeles is multi-faceted is an understatement. As an LA City Nerd, I have the privilege of sharing with you some of the nuances that make this City, well, LA. Whether good or bad, that's... (more)

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An Eye On The World: an Interview with Gilad Benari

By Ariel, published on Dec 28, 2006

While traditional medias are busy covering topics as significant as whether Miss USA will have to give her title back, or the feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell (her "you went bankrupt", him "you're fat and ugly"), talented individuals are quietly working in the shadow and influence the lives of millions. Gilad Benari is one of them. Gilad is an Israeli photographer, highly respected on, an online art community with over 3.5 million users and over 29 million submissions. Not only does he regularly submit breathtaking pictures to this website, but he also uses... (more)

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Wii gets on the Web

By Ariel, published on Dec 23, 2006

Since yesterday morning, Wii owners can browse the Internet on their TV comfortably slouched on their couch. Unfortunately, the experience is not yet as smooth as we could have hoped. Wii owners were alerted of the news by the blue glow on the console disc tray (notifying users of new console updates). It's the second time this week that Nintento pushes an update to their users. Monday, we received the very fun Weather Forecast feature, and yesterday the long awaited Web Browser enabling us to surf the Internet with our Wii. After a rather long download (5 to 10 minutes), a new... (more)


Wii! The future of gaming?

By Ariel, published on Dec 10, 2006

The Wii (pronounced "Weeeeeeeee!!!!") is Nintendo's highly anticipated new game console. Previously know as 'Project Revolution', the successor to the Nintendo GameCube came out 2 weeks ago and I finally got a chance to give it a try. For only $250, the Wii comes with a game, a controller comprised of a Wiimote and a nunchunk, and a sensor bar. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 are both much more expensive and still require you to buy a game (add an extra $60) to enjoy the system. Nintendo's console is therefore a really good bargain compared to the competition. More than its price, what sets aside... (more)

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