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What Foods Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy And Why.

By Areesh Jason., published on May 1, 2014

Eating a well balance diet is quite essential in the growth and development of the baby during the prenatal stage. Pregnant women are advised to consume more calories compared to before they became pregnant. Nevertheless nausea and vomiting prevents pregnant women from eating a well balanced diet during the initial stages of pregnancy. There are certain foods which pregnant women are prohibited from eating because they could be unsafe and harmful to the unborn child. In light of this pregnant women are advised to be much careful on what they eat. The following are some of the foods that should... (more)

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Great tips to stay on a diet while on holidays.

By Areesh Jason., published on Apr 14, 2014

Staying on diet is a very important step to help you remain fit and healthy. During holidays most people consume more food than what their bodies really need. In light of this, it is really important to keep track of your diet to avoid becoming over weight. Most people find it difficult to stay on diet but it is actually easy than they think. The following are some of the tips to help you stay on diet during the holiday seasons:

Check your weight often- Keeping track of your weight is very important especially during the festive season. In light of this you should measure your weight... (more)

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How can fashion be used as means of expressing individuality

By Areesh Jason., published on Apr 14, 2014

Individuality is the ability to express one’s true and unique nature. Fashion can help in expressing people’s true personality and character. The fashion trends in the market will be greatly determined by age, social class and different environmental conditions. With your style in clothing people can easily predict which social class you belong to and style of living. Confidence is really important to express your personality. In light of this, you will not follow the existing fashion trends in the market blindly.Fashion should give people an idea of who you are. In addition to this it should... (more)

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