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Do You Have the Right Commercial Catering Equipment?

By Angel Brown, published on Sep 10, 2016

Setting up a restaurant is not an easy thing. You need to invest not just money but a lot of time as well. With sheer passion and dedication, a person sets up his dream venture. But, without the perfect commercial catering equipment, everything can turn out to be imperfect. So, it is highly essential that you must possess the right equipment for your restaurant. Read on and know what all you can add to the list of your equipment.

Washing Equipment

When you are busy handling and fulfilling the demands of a lot of customers, washing the dishes side-by-side can become a bit tough.... (more)

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Why Choose Commercial Fridges Over Residential Fridges?

By Angel Brown, published on Jul 5, 2016

If you want to start a commercial food business such as a fast food centre, a restaurant or even a food truck, one of the main equipment you'll need is a refrigerator. That being settled, the question now is, which fridge to buy? Should you go in for the more expensive commercial models or should you settle for the cheaper residential ones?

Although both commercial and residential fridges do the same job, which is to keep foods cool, they are very different in their functionality and performance. For commercial usage, it is always good to use commercial fridges. Here are the reasons.

... (more)

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