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Black and White

By Anastasia , published on Apr 2, 2012

Barack Obama is a man who can tell right from wrong and black from white. He is a man who can pass comment on one killing while remaining silent on another. He is a man who can weigh life against life, judging some to be more equal than others.

Responding to the controversial killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, he said that if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon. Clearly what he would not look like is either James Cooper or James Kouzaris, two white British tourists shot dead in Sarasota in April of last year. They were killed as the begged for their lives... (more)

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Our Man in Havana

By Anastasia , published on Mar 29, 2012

When I first visited Floriita, a watering hole at the beginning of old Havana, one corner of the bar was chained off in tribute to an American writer. It was allegedly the spot where Ernest Hemingway quaffed his daily daiquiri when he was in town. Whether he sat on that lonely stool or not, I thought it a restrained and tasteful gesture. The next time I went the chain and the stool were gone. In its place was grotesque larger than life figure of Hemingway propping up the bar!

It’s now over fifty years since the real larger than life figure took his own life. I have mixed feelings about... (more)

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A Lot of Wind

By Anastasia , published on Mar 28, 2012

Matt, the fifth Viscount Ridley, is one of the people that I am thankful for. A businessman, a libertarian and a journalist, he has done so much to expose bogus and fashionable nostrums. Rather like a modern Don Quixote he has tilted at windmills, wind turbines, to be exact, relentlessly exposing what I am convinced is the greatest ‘alternative energy’ scam of the age.

Writing previously about wind farms I made the following points;

Wind farms, who does not hate the sight of wind-farms? I certainly do. You may think they are necessary as a source of clean and renewable power.... (more)

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Come in Zimbabwe

By Anastasia , published on Mar 25, 2012

Now picture the scene. By the side of the road a group of male hitchhiker are trying to catch a ride. A nineteen-year-old girl stops to pick them up. The guys refuse to get in. They don’t trust her, they say; they fear they are going to be raped!

You think this is a spoof? Well, I can assure you, it's not. The country in question is Zimbabwe, where three women currently stand accused of picking up male hitchhikers with the intent of harvesting their sperm. The victims apparently were drugged or subdued at knife or gun point before the women forced themselves upon them. In one case a... (more)

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The Socialism of Fools

By Anastasia , published on Mar 22, 2012

London is in the grip of a mild political fever at the present. The mayoral election is scheduled to take place in early May, the leading candidates being the incumbent Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party and Labour’s Ken Livingstone, a former mayor whom dear old Boris booted out of office four years ago.

I’ve been campaigning vigorously in my milieu for the latter because, well, I adore the blond beast! No, there is more to it than that. Livingstone, better known as Red Ken, was a disaster for London in the past; he would be a disaster for London in the future.

Red Ken... (more)

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Fanning the Flames of Homophobia

By Anastasia , published on Mar 20, 2012

There is an odd resemblance between Lynne Featherstone, the Equalities Minister in the present coalition government, and Argentina’s President Christina Kirchner. It’s not just the colouring and complexion: they both have a washed-out Botox look about them, faces that seem to be on the verge of collapse. Politically speaking there is also a resemblance: they are both provocateurs.

There is Kirchner, in this anniversary year, making waves over the British ‘occupation’ of the Falkland Islands. There is Featherstone, frantically waving her gay marriage flag, warning church leaders not... (more)

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Making War on the Dead

By Anastasia , published on Mar 14, 2012

My goodness, what is happening with America? Look, see; there is President Obama offering a grovelling apology as a crowd of Muslim fanatics go on the rampage after American troops burned copies of the Koran by mistake. He grovels as Americans die. What other president in history would have sunk so low? See how far a great country has sunk under the guidance of the new Great Helmsman.

Why, oh why, I continually ask myself, did the West ever get involved in wretched palaces like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Why did we not just leave the people in these dreadful countries to get on... (more)

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We Are All Mad Here

By Anastasia , published on Mar 13, 2012

When one thinks things can’t get any crazier, well, they do! A minicab firm in Southampton in southern England was described as ‘racist’ because some of their drivers had signs on their vehicles announcing – wait for it –‘English spoken here.’

I would have thought that an ability to speak English, our national language, would be an absolute requirement for anyone driving a cab. How on earth is one to get to one’s destination if the cabbie does not understand what one is saying; by hand signals and sign language, perhaps?

The city establishment took to arms over this simple announcement,... (more)

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Killed for a Haircut

By Anastasia , published on Mar 11, 2012

How much do you think was spent in ‘liberating’ Iraq? Personally I have no idea but I guess it was an astronomical figure. Then there are the lives, the people that cannot be replaced. I remember a few years ago the parents of a British officer killed in one of the many terrorist incidents that followed the ‘liberation’ of 2003 comforting themselves that his death was not in vain, that he had died, as they put it, ‘helping the people of Iraq’. We helped the people of Iraq alright, Britain and America; we helped to take them from the first to the ninth circle of hell.

This brave new... (more)

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Freedom is not for free

By Anastasia , published on Mar 8, 2012

I’ve been keeping a close eye on political events in Egypt, an interest spurred by my visit to the country last November. Some news I get via email from people I met while I was there, people with hopes of a better future, mired ever deeper in doubt, especially now that the Islamists have come out of the parliamentary elections as the dominant force, commanding two-thirds of the representation.

A presidential election is scheduled for sometime this year but in the meantime the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) remains in control. The generals may eventually slip into the background,... (more)

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