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Highjacking the Reagan legacy

By Amo, published on Apr 17, 2012

However science cannot (as yet), control the dramatic events of opposing weather extremes and can only bare witness to the devastation that these events produce

However, in the rough and tumble world of politics diametrically opposed ideologies can effortlessly merge into one, as outlined in a recent speech by President Obama. In which he draws a comparison between himself and President Reagan. In a 30 second snippet President Reagan is seen outlining his vision for tax reform. In which he references the discrepancies within the overall tax system, and draws an analogy between a working... (more)

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ObamaCare…good medicine or bad investment?

By Amo, published on Apr 6, 2012

An unpresented majority of Americans after one year of this bills passing, still believe that ObamaCare, if implemented, will cost jobs, hurt the economy, and cost more than projected.

However, aside from this being a flawed piece of legislation, to many Americans (myself included), ObamaCare is simply unconstitutional. The issue currently in the hands of the Supreme Court, is whether the federal government under the Commerce Clause can mandate and or force either the states or individual citizens into purchasing a product and or a service; they may or may not want.

At stake is... (more)

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JOURNEY by Robert Amoroso

By Amo, published on Dec 14, 2011

This is a story about rebirth, starting over, a new beginning, and that time old question. “What would you give to start over”?

Bob Amato was a successful businessman, respected within his community, with a loving wife and two grown children. He has everything to live for, until his life slowly begins to change. Approaching mid-life, he begins to take stock of himself. He realizes that he’s not a young man any longer. Still life has been good to him; he’s living the “American Dream”. However, as in all dreams, nightmares may not be far behind. Slowly his business begins to falter. He... (more)


Once upon a time, we dared to “dream”

By Amo, published on Nov 15, 2011

As a kid growing up in the Bronx, that term was an affirmation for every immigrant that settled within that tiny enclave, called “Little Italy”.

And like most of my generation of Italian American’s I learned to bridge quickly those two competing worlds, American by birth…Italian by heritage. And yet within those two very different and unique worlds, there was a common thread that bound us collectively together…the desire to be American and to access the “American Dream”.

And like most immigrants that found their way to the “new world” my dad’s story is a common one…and a testament... (more)

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I walk the canyons (a tribute to 9/11)

By Amo, published on Sep 1, 2010

September 11th 2003

Since 9/11 I've walked the canyons of lower Manhattan, many times. The sun now shines in places it never did before. The towering Towers are gone now, the sun now shines on its footprints, and every time I walk this hallowed ground, I walk in silence. My head a little lower, my pace a little slower, I hear the muffled whispers of tourists, and the flash of a camera as they pass the chain link fence, where once stood two mighty buildings.

The weather beaten photos are now the only reminder left, to the horror and tragedy that took place two years ago, today.... (more)

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The Arizona Debacle

By Amo, published on May 9, 2010

However before I pile on with my own take on what I believe is actually going on; it’s worth reminding those who folow my writings, an article I wrote about a year ago entitled “The demise of the “American Dream”.

In it, I briefly outlined the financial crises that we’re currently in and the policies enacted by both parties, that will eventually drive this nation into financial ruin. Arizona is simply an extension of a government that can no longer govern, or enforce its own laws. The financial crises in part began years ago with the deregulation of the banking industry, followed by... (more)

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To VAT or Not to VAT: That is the Question

By Amo, published on Apr 17, 2010

“To be, or not to be: that is the question”, the opening line is of course from “Hamlet”, and throughout the centuries this masterpiece of a drama, along with its timeless soliloquy has been studied and dissected by countless theologians and philosophers through the years. What was the profound message behind these immortal words?

Many scholars have interpreted Shakespeare’s words has a choice between ("to be") and life of silent acceptance…or ("not to be") as a primary focus of Hamlet's dilemma. However, if we take those timeless words with their profound meaning within the context... (more)

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“Smearing” the Tea Party Movement: Will it Work?

By Amo, published on Apr 12, 2010

From lawmakers to political activists making unsubstantiated charges of racism, to out right smears, as was the case with Congressman Steve Cohen, of Memphis Tennessee, who (if you recall), likened the Tea Party Movement to the KKK.

Obviously this type of smear campaign has been going on for several months, ever since the Tea Party Movement began to resonate among the people; However, within the last several weeks the smear campaign has gone viral…big time.

I suspect that as Obama’s numbers continue to drop, and Democrats who voted for the healthcare bill, continue to retire and... (more)


Our “Friendship”

By Amo, published on Apr 9, 2010

By Robert AmorosoA knowing glance, a whispered word, a silent thought that can be heard. A promise kept, a silly grin, a beating heart that needs to sing. A memory shared, a moment in time, a scribbled note, a gift of wine. Who could ever imagine that a daily ride could kindle a friendship that's impossible to hide. While this “thing” between us is obvious to all I try to remember, I try to recall, how did it all start I know not when I can only remember you being a “friend “. And while this bond that we share is relatively new, a friendship like ours, is shared by a few. Yet there... (more)


The Tea Party Movement: Who Are They?

By Amo, published on Apr 8, 2010

I’m a fiscal conservative and at times relatively moderate when it comes to social issues. I believe that consenting adults have every right to live their lives without discrimination or judgment, from anyone, and perhaps that’s one of the issues that truly concern me. In that within recent months a fanatical hard core group of progressives, politicians and some within the mainstream media have been implying that the Tea Party Movement promotes racial discord, and some lawmakers have even likened the Tea Party Movement to hate groups.

I of course would be foolish if I didn’t acknowledge... (more)

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