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LIFE - Its not always sunshine and rainbows

By amity_007, published on Aug 30, 2013

So here I am now,

alone and depressed;

lost in this struggles of life,

inextricably entangled up,

in troubles and strife..


Don't know what's happening to me,

feeling like running out of luck,

nothing positive left in me,

life has seriously started to suck..


Now nothing amuses me,

no situation tends to excite,

life is just withering apart,

something has started dying inside..


All i feel now is disgrace and shame,

nowhere else but in me only,

it's getting stronger... (more)


I Want To Be Myself.......

By amity_007, published on Mar 23, 2012

The morning came again

and again I am still awake

still thinking scribbling this text...

still mulling over what's next?

Why I have ran out of options?

why everything seems so far away?

why i haven't figured out myself yet?

Still not able to find out the way...

Contemptions have started to spatter,

Inside my mind my soul,

People have started questioning, to blatter,

my achievements, aim, my life's goal..

Stil messed up, stil fighting the animosity inside,

Still trying to find the long lost pride

What... (more)


Another Year Gone....

By amity_007, published on Dec 31, 2011

another year has gone...

and gone are the promises that were made a year long..

vanished are the vows that were intended to make us strong..

another year is gone...

gone are the times we cherished when we won..

gone too are the moments that made us sad or to mourn..

time slipped under our nose so fast

we don't even remember when it started and till when did it last?

year left many unresolved questions

some were focused on life, others unanswered incubation..

saw few intriguing departures somewhere

experienced also... (more)



By amity_007, published on Nov 19, 2011

What will come of the mornings and days

Will Someone remember our purpose and ways

What about the moments we raise

the things we praise......

wat about the moments in pain,

the dreams in brain

Who will know them as us the same

if no, then who to blame

who will see our smilin faces

who will see those blushes

unfolding stories of far away places

how many before us have passed by

which set foot on sand we stand by

they too set their dreams to fly

and now a mist in a cloudy sky

we don´t know,why... (more)


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