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4 Tips to Get a Natural-Looking Glowing Skin Easily

By Amit Thapa, published on May 6, 2016

Does your skin look tanning and/or gloomy? Do you wish for having natural-looking and radiant skin? Often people wished to have a glowing skin that makes them look out-of-the-crowd.

It is somehow a fantasy for some people to get a perfect looking skin – especially for feminine. But the troublesome question is how to achieve that? It is the commonly asked question that most of us have to be asked beauty specialist or dermatologist. A flawless skin is what makes you look stunning and feel self-confident.


Simply saying it is quite difficult to achieve a natural looking... (more)

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Make in India - Discover all about Indian Culture

By Amit Thapa, published on May 5, 2016

Everybody knows that India or as the country is known today has always influenced world culture, religion, food and numerous other aspects of daily life including education and technology. If you were not already proud of a rich ancient heritage and modern presence, we bring to you a list of things which are as such paltry but play a very crucial role in human life whenever put to use…AND were first made in India.

Indigo Dye – Indigo dye or the color blue which Newton added to his previous palette of five primary colours was first reportedly produced freely in India. The Mesopotamians... (more)


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