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Iran: Int’l figures rally with Maryam Rajavi in Paris?

By Amir Basiri, published on Jul 11, 2016

By: Amir Basiri

Leading international experts deliver speeches to a grand gathering calling for democracy and freedom in Iran

Senior former international officials from the United States, Europe, Arab and Islamic countries, and many more rallied in Paris on Saturday, July 9th, to join their voice with Iranian dissidents including expatriates, supporters and community leaders gathering from across the globe. The event attracted well over 100,000 participants and marked yet another major annual rally staged by the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran and its... (more)

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Syria: Aleppo and the Iran IRGC Quagmire

By Amir Basiri, published on May 26, 2016

By Amir Basiri

The Revolutionary Guards of Iran has entered a phase of complete disappointment in its ongoing campaign in Aleppo, losing control of the Syria war and now resorting to old threats of closing the Strait of Hormuz upon American ships.

Aleppo is the new term used across the region for the Levant war. This city has become the scene of a devastating war not only involving Syrians, but a conglomerate of fighters from regional and international countries seeking their own concessions. In the meantime, we recently witnessed various parties unprecedentedly engaged in “hit-and-run”... (more)

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