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Why Do Men Lie?

By Amanda L. Ruiz, published on Oct 12, 2011

Sometimes I wonder why men lie so much. Or some i should say. Is it just the younger generation that thinks it is okay to lie? Whether it is from something big, to something small. I think that all lies have the same ending. It's just the "white lies" sometimes can go unnoticed. When someone tells you that you look great in an outfit even though it's a bit off.

Don't men ever care about how women feel after we find out about one of their secrets. I know it hurts me when my boyfriend lies about little stuff like small talk. I always wonder if he lies about other things that are important... (more)

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The Key to a Mans Heart

By Amanda L. Ruiz, published on Oct 5, 2011

Back in the day women used to think that the key to a mans heart was through his stomach. But we sure know now that that is only one of the ways to make him love you, or should i say lure him in.

They say men are real easy to figure out and women are the more complicated ones when it comes to pleasing. Well, after a few relationships, can you really believe that? I say they are equally confusing in both worlds.

Guys say they want simple things, but when you do that, it always isn't enough. Then usually when men are unfaithful they blame it on us. I guess they want us to feel... (more)


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