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Ever Wondered Why You Can't Lose Weight?

By Amanda J Evans, published on Aug 30, 2010

There are some people out there that really can’t lose weight. They try all the diets, follow the grueling exercise routines and still nothing. So what is the reason for this? If a healthy diet and exercise is guaranteed to help you stay trim and fit what is wrong with these people. What are they doing wrong? Is the diet system flawed? Are we missing a vital piece of information? This is what I want to look at in this article and to do that I need to delve a little deeper.I want to take an alternative look at this problem. If you look at the overall picture there could just be another... (more)

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Design Your Own Relationship

By Amanda J Evans, published on Aug 30, 2010

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and when it comes to relationships there is no better law to use. If you want to attract love into your life then one thing is for sure, you need to be 100% sure about exactly what you want. What type of man or woman do you want to attract? What qualities should they have? What type of a relationship do you want?The key to getting this right and making this law work for you is to believe. You also have to make sure that you don’t focus on attracting anyone in particular. You have to remember that we all have what is called free will... (more)

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