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Kidney Stone Surgery India Turns Out Be The Best Treatment

By allyson3james, published on Oct 24, 2018

For more details about Kidney Stone Surgery in India fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below given details. Call: 9371136499

“Hi, I am Joanna from Nigeria and I had the most wonderful treatment experience in India. I was facing a lot of pain in the back and side areas of my body and also in the lower abdomen. On visiting the doctor, he recommended a couple of tests, which showed that I had Kidney Stones, which weren’t small enough to pass through urine. So, the solution was... (more)

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You Have No Reason to Fear Going to the Dentist

By allyson3james, published on Jan 29, 2018


Why so many people including both adults and children fear going to dentist? Fear can be and is a complicated emotion cuaing anticipatory anxiety of situation often occurring during exam. This could be due to bad experience with dentist as a child and had that trauma ingrained into brain. Or it could be that as a child you have seen a parent or a loved one go through a painful and exhausting dental procedure and now they are afraid to visit a dentist. Fear is a powerful motivator stopping you to get your dental check-ups.

Most people have an irrational fear of going to... (more)

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Pediatric dentistry with Dr Tarun Giroti in India

By allyson3james, published on Oct 1, 2017


Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that emphasize on kids from birth through pre-adulthood. The development and improvement of a kid's mouth and jaw are a critical part of general development.

Pediatric Dental Procedures

Dr Tarun Giroti offers a wide range of children’s dental services to promote a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your children.

Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs)

Stainless steel crowns are utilized to reestablish back teeth that are too gravely decayed to hold white fillings.

Tooth Colored Fillings... (more)

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Medical Tourism Facilitator: Your Advocate in Destination

By allyson3james, published on Jul 19, 2017


As per the general perception a medical tourism facilitator is more than just another travel agent arranging a medical holiday. Instead it is more than that- as they go beyond your plane tickets and accommodation in the foreign destination. Additionally, they make all the necessary arrangements to offer the best possible medical tourism package for a client.

Role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator

Another common misconception is that the medical tourism facilitators work on a commission basis so they favour only certain hospitals and insurance agencies. However,... (more)

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Dental implant care basics: Single-tooth replacement

By allyson3james, published on Mar 11, 2017


The dental implants are ideal choice for replacing the missing teeth due to its benefits- high success rate, better quality of life, preserves the facial harmony by preventing resorption of the jaw bone, look and feel natural tooth and improved ability to eat. Although they are visually indistinguishable from the natural teeth, yet they need to be cared for in a slightly different manner. It is vital for the patients and clinicians to understand that there are anatomical differences between a natural tooth and a dental implant that can make at-home maintenance practices... (more)

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How to Wear Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

By allyson3james, published on Dec 26, 2016

In its early development, cataract can cause blurred vision, myopia or color blindness. If it goes untreated then it will progress to conceal the lens of the eye such that a person can go blind and cannot recover their vision. Therefore it is important that the patient should undergo a cataract surgery on time. Usually, the cataract surgery is performed as an outpatient and it takes only a few minutes to complete the cataract extraction. The patient can relax for a few hours in a doctor’s office and can go home afterwards. Here we will check out whether you can apply eye makeup after cataract... (more)

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How Weight Loss Surgery Helps Type 2 Diabetes

By allyson3james, published on Dec 23, 2016

Weight-loss surgery as a treatment for type 2 diabetes

Obese people with type 2 diabetes are remarkably treated with weight-loss surgery. The experimental studies shows weight loss procedures will help improve diabetes for people who are obese as well as non-obese people. Symptoms of diabetes are improved with gastric bypass surgery. The most important point is that after the weight loss surgery that means gastric bypass surgery, the intestine is essential tissue to use glucose content and normalize the sugar levels in the blood.

Understanding diabetes and the role of... (more)

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Is Weight Loss Surgery the Answer for Diabetes?

By allyson3james, published on Oct 20, 2016


Obesity has been the cause of a number of problems and one such issue is the problem called diabetes. However, reducing the weight can lead to a number of problems and one such issue is the advent of diabetes. But if you lose the weight one can keep a number of medical conditions including the diabetes at bay. As per a number of research studies and reports, people with diabetes even with more than decade can end up reducing a number of issues including diabetes. Now with some well-designed studies recommend for surgery which can really help in reducing even the diabetes.

... (more)

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What Is the Link Between Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Health?

By allyson3james, published on May 19, 2016

Diabetes – a cause for many disorders in human body. Person with diabetes has a weak system to fight bacteria’s and infections. Also the healing of a wound or disease is slow process for a diabetic person. These people have higher risk of getting oral health problems, nerve damage, disorders of heart or kidney problems and many more.

Diabetes is affecting blood glucose control and improper utilization of glucose in patient’s body. This causes complications in healthy life disturbing healthy routine. With the information, American diabetes association says, diabetic people are more prone... (more)

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Where to Get the Low Cost Laparoscopic Uterus Removal surger

By allyson3james, published on May 17, 2016

What is Uterus Removal surgery?

Call it Uterus or womb; it is one and the same thing, which is an important organ in any woman. However, when there is some problem in womb that comes in the form of tumor or fibroid then one has to remove the organ. The uterus removal surgery is called hysterectomy surgery, which simply means the same. It can simply mean removal of the uterus, ovaries or cervix. Though this procedure is often carried out for the presence of fibroids that be both cancerous and non cancerous, while the conservative options can be carried out by doctors who are skilled and... (more)

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