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Review of The Age of Amy Bonehead Bootcamp by Bruce Edward

By Allbooks Review , published on Dec 10, 2012

Have you ever been to a bootcamp? How about one where you fall into a world where your inner personality shows clearly through your now animal head? Well that’s exactly what happens to Amy Dawson when her parents send her to Bonehead Bootcamp.

After her big move from the city to the Midwest, which she isn’t happy about, she strikes out at her family until they’ve had enough. Her parents decide that Amy needs a change of attitude and think the best thing for her will be to send her to Bonehead Bootcamp. As it turns out Bonehead Bootcamp isn’t your average bootcamp for troubled teens.... (more)


Review of 'To Kill the Duke' by author Sam Moffie

By Allbooks Review , published on Dec 4, 2012

Take a journey back into the 1950s, alongside a cast of familiar characters, and re-visit the ‘Cold War’ in a different light…!

Author, Sam Moffie, creates a tidal wave of excellence pouring out and onto each page of his latest literary work, ‘To Kill The Duke.’

Moffie constructs a work of art in this piece of – historical facts meets fiction. As a history buff, I have always been interested in learning more about the ‘Cold War’ and the major consequence it had on our history as a whole. What if I was to tell you a soviet plot was constructed by Stalin, to find and assassinate... (more)


Review of When Wolf Comes, written by John Pappas

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 23, 2012

Aidan Ephraim Martin was a man whose life took turns that no one could have ever predicted. The challenges he met after that fateful day in 1801 when he sat down for a drink in a public house after a hard day of fishing would have killed a lesser man. Being knocked unconscious and waking up as a captive seaman, miles out to sea, didn’t stop Aidan from living. Becoming a refugee at an isolated Spanish mission in northern California didn’t cause Aidan to lose heart. The all too brief interlude as a free seaman led to Aidan’s greatest test. He was grievously wounded, captured, and sold as a slave... (more)

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Interview with J. E. Anzalone, author of Collision Course

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 19, 2012

Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)

My name is J.E. Anzalone (Eric Anzalone)—Monroe Township, New Jersey USA.

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:

Collisions Course – Dog Ear Publishing.

Tell us about yourself:

In 1995 I replaced Glenn Hughes as “The Biker/Leatherman” in the disco super group the Village People. Outside of the VP, I’ve appeared on stages around the world in various capacities—including playing the role of Berger in the European Tour of HAIR, as the guitarist in the NYC based punk band SiR,... (more)

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Review of A Pocket Full of Voices by Alfred M Albers

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 12, 2012

Gary Egan is a ventriloquist whose rising career in a New Jersey casino threatens to self-destruct when he is charged with robbing a number of celebrity guests of high-value possessions. He calls his old friend John Michaels, a retired magician with a penchant for solving crime, to be a character witness. Murder is added to the mix as this tale of misdirection, conspiracy, robbery and revenge gets moving, and protagonist Michaels and his clever crew are in the best position to bring the key players out onto the stage of justice to take their bows.

This reviewer will not speculate as... (more)

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Review of Assassin's Trap by D. C. Shaftoe

By Allbooks Review , published on Nov 7, 2012

Back from his first adventures in the book; Forged in the Jungles of Burma, where he was kidnapped and interrogated, the ever suave MI-5 agent John Brock thrills us again with his continued espionage adventures. This time, Brock who is the head of counterterrorism for Great Britain's secret service finds that his life is threatened by an unknown band of assassins. In Assassin’s Trap, Brock must use his cunning and skills to foil the would-be assassins while at the same time protecting his beloved wife from their clutches.

This book starts off with a bang-up car crash and continues it’s... (more)

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Review of 'Mystic Fear' by author Jan Evans Whitford

By Allbooks Review , published on Oct 10, 2012

“To be wronged is nothing unless one continues to remember it” says Jan Evan Whitford, the author, through one of his characters in this ultimate non-stop adrenalin generating thriller.

Unfortunately for Nikki O’Conner, the heroine, the one she has wronged 25 years ago continues to remember it. Fortunately for us, the readers, we get to read this incredibly satisfying thriller as a result.

15-year-old Nikki, a gorgeous cheerleader, innocently accepts a high school double-dog dare to play a prank on a dashing but extremely shy male schoolmate named Marion Hess. The prank is called... (more)


Review of 'From the Heart' written by Tony Samara

By Allbooks Review , published on Oct 4, 2012

“The topic is consciousness—an aspect that everyone here and many

people around the world are putting a lot of effort into understanding—and

I would like to highlight some of the misunderstandings around

consciousness so that perhaps those misunderstandings, and those other

ideas that the mind likes to create to confuse us as individuals and also

as a society, and as a family and as a group of people, can be looked at

with clear intention and let go of.”

From the Heart is a collection of Satsangs (Sanskrit for spiritual discourse, talk with... (more)


Review :The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind by Ed Brodow

By Allbooks Review , published on Sep 27, 2012

The opening of The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind is absolutely captivating. The main character, Clifford Day Vanderwall, struggles to make a decision of seemingly simple proportions: buy the chocolate cake, or the chocolate cookies? That it is such a monumental task to commit to one or the other, tells one fact about Vanderwall's character, one around which the entire short story revolves. The imagery with which author Brodow describes the dilemma, as well as the character's resolution, captures the reader in the mind of a man who has a vivid and realistic problem with making decisions.

... (more)


Review of Bastion: Prequel to War written by A.L.Collins

By Allbooks Review , published on Sep 24, 2012

The day Rigil is to take his final challenge to become a city guard is the day his life changes forever. And not in the way you may think. The challenge was a distraction and while he (and his team) were distracted; Rigil’s home, his city, his friends and colleagues burn to the ground or fight trying to escape. Seeking the root of the problem and justice, Rigil uncovers a plot to, in a sense, take over the world. He meets up with a cast of characters and sets off to right the wrongs.

The first bit of the book essentially describes the history of the world that the author has created.... (more)


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