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5 Things You Should Know About Node.js

By Alice Jakson, published on Sep 4, 2017

1- The JavaScript Object Notation - JSON

JSON is the data exchange format used for Node.js. It assists in quick the construction of APIs and fosters scalable interoperability.

2- Faster Programming

Node.js is a highly-customizable stripped-down V8 server engine that compiles and executes JavaScript at enormous speed. JavaScript forms its native machine code. Node.js ships with robust connectors and libraries for supporting compression, HTTP, SSL, file system access, UDP and raw TCP. With a fine-tuned event loop environment for network events and GUI; Node.js ensures asynchronous... (more)

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10 Free Online Logo maker sites to create Custom Logo

By Alice Jakson, published on Jun 26, 2017

A Logo can be referred as a magical symbol that represents your company and provides a unique identity to your business that no other attribute of the business can provide. A well-designed logo makes the brand memorable. You can quickly recognise a famous company's logo, it is not because of you like their products or services rather it is about their unique logo design. Such companies have a simple yet impressive logo design that made them so likable. Such as Nike has the swoosh, Facebook has a Letter, and Mac Donald's has an 'M'. So, you need a compelling logo in place so that people are... (more)


8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017

By Alice Jakson, published on Mar 31, 2017

Here are 8 tips that will be the defining design trends of 2017. You can incorporate these trends into your designs using stock photos and vectors if you’re a blogger, graphic design company & individual or marketer in the industry.

1. Loud, Bright And Braver Color Combinations

Everyone has their style of designing. But only the designers who dare to go out of the box and play with colors are those who will stand out from the competitors in 2017. Go crazy with the louder and brighter colors like neon, hot pink, bright yellow, poison green when you are working as a... (more)


How to Calculate the Profit Margin for Your Small Business?

By Alice Jakson, published on Oct 8, 2016

Small businesses seek ways to increase revenue. However, many businesses just ignore calculating their profit margin, which is an essential figure to chalk out a different strategy to increase the bottom line. In fact, by telling a company’s profit margin, you can gauge how efficiently it is using its resources. You can use online profit margin calculator to have a quick view of your company’s present profit margin.

So, what exactly is profit margin? Profit margin is a ratio of profits to overall costs incurred over a period such as a quarter or a year. Profit margin is categorized as... (more)

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7 Tips For Designing A Logo For Your Restaurant

By Alice Jakson, published on May 20, 2016

Your restaurant has to face a lot of competition from similar businesses in your market. However, with the help of your restaurant logo design, which should be an amazing business symbol, you can easily catch attention of your target customers. If your logo design is memorable, people will associate with your professional services and great food at your restaurant.

Therefore, here are key tips to creating amazing restaurant logos that stand out and convey your message effectively.

1.Research – Your knowledge about your client’s restaurant business and its target customers, market... (more)


5 Logo Design Lessons From Fast Food Restaurant

By Alice Jakson, published on Dec 29, 2015

Fast food restaurants are everywhere but few of them turn into a brand that people believe in while going out to eat something quickly. There is a heavy competition in the business. This compels the restaurants to come out with an identity symbol that is catchy and is capable of driving customers to the eating-place. For this reason, an attractive restaurant logo become inevitable as part of doing business and choosing a creative and innovative graphic and logo design company because highly significant here. The logo works as a tool to market the restaurant business and ultimately helps... (more)

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Top 10 Best Musical Band Logos of All Time

By Alice Jakson, published on Dec 22, 2015

Popular culture was responsible for timeless music that people enjoy even after several decades. When we remember that bygone era of popular music, we instantly recall those impressive musical band logos also. Those band logos conveyed something unique about the group of musicians. People associated the logos with the new music trend building up at that time.

In fact, rock band logos of that golden era of music display a wide variety of designs. Some of them contained detailed images that depicted the mood of the era. Other logos depended on specialized typography to convey a message... (more)

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Top 5 Worst Sports Logo Ever

By Alice Jakson, published on Dec 8, 2015

Sports is an activity that demands great values such as fighting spirit, making right strategies, be vigorous for achieving the goals, unity of team and so on. Sports people play for pride of their teams and for nation. People’s aspirations also are associated with their favorite sports persons and teams. All such values, which are human values too, must be reflected properly in sports logos.

Unfortunately, many sports teams do not find adequate representation of their emotions and zeal to fight in their sports logo. Such a badly designed logo has potential of adversely affecting... (more)

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How Many Employees Should You Hire for Your Startup? 

By Alice Jakson, published on Oct 3, 2015

Startups are often undecided on the number of employees they must hire. Many startups end up hiring more people than required and it results in excessive and unbearable financial burden, especially if the company fails to generate enough income soon. Others hire fewer employees to save money but increase burden of work, ruining company’s otherwise startup growth.

So, what should be the basis of determining the ideal number of employees your startup should hire? While it is hard to arrive at an exact formula, consideration of some vital aspects can help you make a right assessment.... (more)


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