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Three Widespread Types of Wi-Fi Cyber Attacks

By Alexey Donets, published on Jun 9, 2016

Public Wi-Fi has become extremely popular these days. Its popularity is so tremendous that you won’t, probably, find a person, who does not use the technology on a daily basis. The demand for the global network access keeps growing and so does the activity of hackers, who aim at getting access to the personal or business information of users. This is what poses a huge problem for people, who cannot go without the Internet and the benefits it offers, but are still afraid to pose their confidentiality at risk. If you are concerned with this problem as well, you will be interested to find out... (more)

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Major Live Streaming Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Alexey Donets, published on Feb 17, 2016

Live streaming is a new trend, which has already gained worldwide popularity. Nonetheless, millions of people, who live in different countries of the world, give preference to this option when deciding to promote their businesses or just get in touch with other users, who share their thoughts, hobbies and ideas. Actually, live streaming may be used for different purposes. Thus, you can make use of this online technique to:

• Advertise your company of the web • Establish online presence • Make presentations • Live stream home videos • Conduct online tutorials • Hold discussions... (more)

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Crawler Excavators: Benefits and Applications

By Alexey Donets, published on Jan 18, 2016

Nowadays the market abounds in different types of construction machinery. However, excavators are those vehicles, which are used both for construction and domestic purposes more often as compared to other equipment of this kind. Excavators are primarily used for construction needs, although they can also be applied by the farmers, for example. They typically consist of a boom, a house, a bucket and a special undercarriage that comes with gears and engine. At the same time, it should be noted that the way an excavator looks often depends upon its type and applications. Nowadays, we may distinguish... (more)

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Effective Lead Generation Services for Moving Companies: Where to Look

By Alexey Donets, published on Dec 16, 2015

It is not a secret that an effective business development strategy matters a lot when it comes to success and profitability of a company. It does not really matter what kind of business you are running, because your number one goal is obviously client attraction. How else can you promote your company and make it popular among your customers?

Ways to Promote Your Business

With the active way of life people are leading nowadays, many of us face the necessity to move to other places of residence – be it a neighbourhood area, another city, country or any other location a person plans... (more)

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What Kinds of Presents Can You Give Your Loved Ones?

By Alexey Donets, published on Nov 26, 2015

Giving a present is much more pleasant than receiving the one. There is no doubt about this fact. When you choose a present for your loved one, you pay special attention to the whole process and spend much time and effort trying to select a truly meaningful and unique gift that will prove to be memorable and outstanding. If you really wish to make a special present, you don’t just purchase the very first item you come across. Instead, you think over different ideas and try to imagine what exactly your friend or family member would like to get. And only when you finally define that special... (more)

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Choosing a Reputable Household Moving Service

By Alexey Donets, published on Nov 20, 2015

Are you going to move from your old house to the new one? Or, maybe, you plan to settle in another city? Regardless the intentions you have, you will certainly need to handle lots of crucial issues. Transportation of your belongings is one of the problems you will have to solve. Once you have made the decision to change your life for the better by moving to the new place, you will have to adopt another serious decision concerning the most effective and easy way to transport your things. This is where the professional help of the household moving service will come in handy to you.

Actually,... (more)

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Household Relocation: Packing the Furniture Wisely

By Alexey Donets, published on Nov 7, 2015

What is the most challenging task when it comes to getting ready for the move? Those people, who have ever been involved into the moving process, will agree that this is, probably, the packing. The fact is that you will not even be able to tell how much boxes and packing materials you will need before you make up the list of things you plan to transport to the new dwelling. While the packing of small things and electronic devices will hardly trigger problems, packing furniture items will certainly prove to be one of the most challenging and complicated things you have ever done before. That... (more)

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Benefits of Purchasing Medications Online

By Alexey Donets, published on Oct 24, 2015

The advent of the Internet era has changed human life forever. Nowadays, almost everything we do is somehow connected with the online global network. It has become possible to communicate with people who live thousands of miles from you, shop for different products, entertain, educate and even date online. And it has also become possible to purchase drugs on the web. This option, by the way, is popular with millions of people all over the world. According to the data provided by the US Food and Drug Administration, over 450 companies in the world sell medications on the web.

As soon... (more)

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Methods of Monitoring Employees’ Computers in the Office

By Alexey Donets, published on Oct 8, 2015

Increasing the performance of employees during working hours in the office is a priority for most business owners nowadays. It is quite understandable, because the way your personnel behave in the workplace is closely connected with the overall success of your company. That is why many employers who are concerned with the efficacy of their workforce use special methods of monitoring their employees’ computers, even when their workers do not suspect that.

Monitoring of employees’ computers may help you find out what exactly each worker does in the workplace, what programs and websites... (more)

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Reasons That Make Your Job Interview Effective

By Alexey Donets, published on Sep 12, 2015

As soon as you graduate from a college or university, one of the first things you are planning to do is to find a good, decent job that will provide you with perspectives and great income. If everyone managed to undergo that process successfully and easily, then it would not make any sense to write this article. The reason for me to publish it is that hundreds (if not thousands) of job applicants who are extremely enthusiastic about their first job interviews, fall into despair after they fail to pass several of them. And I’m not an exception, by the way!

When I first got involved into... (more)

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