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An Open Letter To The Super Bowl Sunday

By Alex Dezen, published on Jan 22, 2008

The ball could not stand up on its own in the frigid wind. It would have to be handled, steadied with a finger—the kind of precise tool only a human can lend—and held in place to start the game. This would mark the opening to New York’s latest opportunity for redemption.

New Yorkershave been living under the tyranny of two New England sports franchises since the turn of the century. The Red Sox, who formally punctuated only home games against the Yankees with the “Rebel Song” of Star Wars fame, have now become something of a parody of themselves. The song... (more)

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How Vince Guaraldi Saved Christmas

By Alex Dezen, published on Dec 28, 2007

There is something so mesmerizing about the work jazz composer and pianist, Vince Guaraldi did with his Trio in the late1960’s—as the assembled musical force behind that odd, pudgy, and inexplicably balding child, Charlie Brown—whose elegance remains scarcely challenged. The crowning jewel of the Peanuts commissioned work: ‘Christmastime Is Here’, a mellow, heartbreakingly graceful, three-piece composition with a wispy, falsetto children’s choir, from the soundtrack album, A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s the one you’re bound to hear at least... (more)

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When It's Best To Be Heard And Not Seen (At All)

By Alex Dezen, published on Dec 18, 2007

It’s true. I was a Toys R Us kid. Like, on TV. Only, I wasn’t actually on TV. No. No. I was spared that humiliation. I never would have made it through high school. It was, in industry speak, a Voice Over. The spot I booked: “Toys R Us Rap.” And rap I did, along with three other freaks who probably also used the money, like I did, to pay for college, or maybe to buy their first home, or bail themselves out of jail. It was good money. Great money. And, best of all, it was easy work that was basically performed in secret. No one ever saw your face, other than the director,... (more)

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Boo, Hiss; the American Way!

By Alex Dezen, published on Nov 27, 2007

Americans boo. As the sons and daughters of our prodigal democracy—both political and social—it is our God given right to do so. Naturally, there are many versions of this great, vitriolic song. There is the one you hear at political rallies to disparage the opposition and unify the faithful. Thousands of them ring out like deranged mating calls every time Barry Bonds steps to the plate. There are the even more somber, but hardly less effective, murmur-and-sigh types that usually accompany the presence of a mean boss or dreaded in-law. But more significant than any of these, is the... (more)

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