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Prescription for Broken Hearts?

By Alethea, published on Oct 3, 2006

If you've ever experiencing a break up, a death, or any form of rejection from a loved one, you've been all too familiar with heartache. That empty pit feeling in your chest arises and begins to ache. You're not completely sure if it's real or not. You've heard the term broken heart all too often, but could it be even possible that something really is broken and aching? Yes. Emotional pain does in indeed have real physical effects. An UCLA study conducted brain scans which showed that two of the same brain regions that are activated by physical pain are also activated by social exclusion.... (more)

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1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival

By Alethea, published on Sep 26, 2006

Angelenos should know that the 1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival is happening this October 7th in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are $35.50, which seem like a value considering the artist lineup. Some of the more notable artists include Beck, Blonde Redhead, Peeping Tom, Queens of the Stone Age, Basement Jaxx, as well as many others. The festival is located at First & Main. Doors open at 2pm. Aside from an immensely promising show at a bargain value, part of the proceeds will be donated to the TreePeople(.org) which is a non-profit Los Angeles organization which educates people about... (more)

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...Because a Diamond Lives Forever

By Alethea, published on Sep 23, 2006

The passing of a loved one is a complicated and horrible experience to go through. Aside from the loss, one has to make arrangements, decide what to do with the body, where to place it, etc. A task that is truly difficult given the grieving circumstances. The classic examples of body preparation (embalming and cremation) usually go along with other highly practiced forms of body placement (cemeteries, memorials, scattering ashes, etc.). Sometimes, the family may opt for something a bit more unconventional, such as a green or space burial. However, LifeGem has a slightly different approach.... (more)


Movie Review / Comparison - The Wicker Man(s)

By Alethea, published on Sep 21, 2006

*Warning* - *Contains movie spoilers* The 2006 release of the Wicker Man provided some with hopes that it would equate the excellence of the original 1973 version, while others dreaded it would be another flop remake. I was one of those hopeful moviegoers that decided to see if the remake could live up to its original standards. Alas, it failed. The basic story is laid out like this. A policeman gets news of a missing girl, is lead to an island of pagans who deny the girl’s existence and from there the policeman searches the island for clues as to what happened and who is responsible.... (more)

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First Officer Refusing Iraq Deployment Faces Prison

By Alethea, published on Sep 21, 2006

You may or may not have heard about Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada and the immense commotion that follows his name, particularly from the U.S. Army. But why the excitement and who is he? Back in June of 2006, Lt. Watada became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the Iraq War because of his own personal beliefs. Initially he had joined the army "out of a desire to protect our country." However, as time passed he began reading into the conflicts with Iraq and after much "soul-searching" decided he did not want any part of it. Watada wrote a resignation to his... (more)

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