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What is the Secret?

By Alethea, published on Feb 23, 2007

If you've been in the loop of what's hot, what's new and what is the latest and greatest, you must have been in earshot of several discussions of the great "Secret". But what is the Secret? It started as a small production that was mainly passed along through the internet in 2006. Eventually, by word of mouth and "power of mind", it began to pick up steam almost exponentially. Currently, the DVD has just started being sold in stores and was recently featured on Oprah. It has now become a near-phenomenon. Sales have sky-rocketed and stores can barely keep copies on the shelves. What is all... (more)

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Disgruntled Astronaut Caught in Love-Murder Triangle

By Alethea, published on Feb 10, 2007

Astronauts have always been seen as role models, heroes, and even a type of celebrity. But even this type of praise and high standards has lead to high competitiveness and hellish performance pressure within the field. Is this what led Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s to breakdown? High school valedictorian, Naval Academy graduate, test pilot, wife and mother of three are roles that will come to mind for those who know Lisa Nowak. However, more recently, mental anguish and breakdown appear to be the most popular descriptors surrounding her. On February 5, Nowak was charged by Orlando Police for attempted... (more)

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To Spank or Not to Spank?

By Alethea, published on Feb 1, 2007

Although spanking has been considered a necessity in childrearing in the earlier part of the century, it is not as desired for a form of discipline as it once was. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly opposes striking a child, most doctors and psychologists don't recommend it, and many parents dislike resorting to such an act. So if the public has reached such a consensus that there are better options than spanking, why is there so much heated debate about the potential spanking ban? Assemblywoman Sally Lieber will introduce a new law next week that will prohibit parents from spanking... (more)

Tags: spanking, is it legal to spank your child, what are the consequences of spanking, i spanked my child

Childless? Uterus Transplants Coming to a Hospital Near You

By Alethea, published on Jan 18, 2007

Kidney, liver, heart, and lungs are some of the typical organ transplants people receive when needed, but uterus transplants have been almost unheard of until now. Although the first uterine transplant was completed on a woman from Saudi Arabia in 2000, it failed about 3 months later and had to be removed. There have been no further attempts for such a transplant, until now. Currently, doctors from a New York hospital are screening potential women to participate in what they hope will be the first fully successful uterus transplant. The most likely candidates for such an operation are women... (more)

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What's in a name?

By Alethea, published on Jan 13, 2007

Everything to some people, which makes it difficult for couples facing marriage to know exactly what to do. Of course, most people nowadays still do what tradition dictates. The wife takes the husband’s last name. But for some, the decision isn’t so easy. Taking the husbands last name without question reminisces of how marriages occurred in the older days. The woman became the man’s property, and left behind her family’s name for her husband’s. More recently, couples, and especially women, are not so easily satisfied with the wife taking the husband’s name. Some women simply... (more)

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Environment Shines on New Fashion Bags

By Alethea, published on Dec 5, 2006

There isn’t anything innovative about changing baby diapers, unless you’re some of the new dads sporting the latest trend in diaper bags. Forget the stylish diaper vests or the “masculine” dark colored diaper bags, these new bags are made out of truck and tractor tire inner tubes, trimmed with hemp and include a battery operated light. In fact, there’s a whole line of these handcrafted, recycled bags including a variety of purses, Ipod cases, DVD cases, baby bags, totes and messenger bags. The inner tubes that make the bags are collected from tire centers before the tires are discarded.... (more)

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The New E. Coli Outbreak Trend

By Alethea, published on Dec 5, 2006

First, there was the spinach scare and then a few bad heads of lettuce. Now, E. Coli breakouts are coming out of a new source, Taco Bell. Three different Taco Bell restaurants in New Jersey have presumed to be responsible for 22 cases of E. coli poisoning, 2 of which have been deemed serious. Two employees have been found to be contaminated with the E. Coli bacterium but were not showing symptoms of illness. An additional 14 cases arose in Long Island shortly thereafter and are currently being investigated to see whether there is a connection between these new infections and the restaurant... (more)

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Dying to eat?

By Alethea, published on Nov 23, 2006

Most people on this Thanksgiving holiday are excited to stuff their face with mashed potatoes, turkey, pie, and all the other classic Turkey Day accoutrements. Many others that don’t have the luxury of affording such a gracious meal, but there are also those that have it all right in front of them and refuse it. Welcome to anorexia. This disease took a new life this past week, albeit not under an entirely surprising circumstance. Brazilian fashion model Ana Carolina Reston, 21, died last week from complications due to her struggles with anorexia. At 5’8”, Ana weighed in at a mere... (more)

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Guilty until proven innocent? Habeas Corpus - R.I.P.

By Alethea, published on Nov 14, 2006

Last month, President Bush signed into action the Military Commissions Act of 2006. At the time of signing, Bush stated that this Act will be one of the "most important pieces of legislation in the war on terror." Basically, the intention of the Act is to "facilitate bringing to justice terrorists and other unlawful enemy combatants through full and fair trials by military commissions, and for other purposes." Sounds like a typical necessity to fight terrorists, right? However, there has been much heated debate over signing this Act into a law. One of the major concerns of critics is the... (more)


The best medicine for all your stressful life woes...

By Alethea, published on Nov 9, 2006

Stress hurts. As I’ve discussed in a previous article, it may be from heartache through some type of break up, whether it is ending a long term friendship, an intimate relationship or maybe it’s pain from loosing a loved one. But other types of physical effects can come from other types of stress. The pain may feel different, like a tension headache, muscle strain, insomnia, or tightened airways from dealing with moving or changing jobs. There’s a variety of situations life will throw at you, good and bad, but stress is surely intertwined in a fair amount of it. And there will be invariant... (more)

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